Deben District Scouts

Role:                            To ensure that young people from 6-25 years are involved and engaged in every decision that shapes their Scouting experience locally and to empower young people to share their ideas and have a meaningful voice in planning, implementing and reviewing their programme and opportunities (POR 44.4.f).

Responsible to:           District Commissioner

Responsible for:          Deputy District Youth Commissioner, Assistant District Youth Commissioners

Main contacts:            District Team members, District Exec members, County Youth Commissioner and Assistant  County Commissioner (Youth Programme 11-18)

Requirements:            Maintain DBS clearance, 1st Aid, Safeguarding and Safety training.  Complete Getting Started within 5 months of starting.  Gain a manager Woodbridge within 3 years

Role end date:             1st August 2021

Main tasks:

  1. Represent the leadership aspect of the Scouting programme on the District Executive committee
  2. Attend and participate in termly District Team meetings (as described in POR 4.35.h)
  3. Participate in a steering team to review Young Leader Training, led by the ACC (Youth Prog. 11–18)
  4. Lead development and implementation of a Youth Shaped Action Plan that aims to encourage and support:
    1. Young members attending appropriate Executive committee meetings on a rotational basis
    2. Network Commissioner providing regular Network Forums
    3. ADC Explorers providing termly District Forums for Leaders and Explorers representing all Units within the District, in order to plan the District Explorer programme for next term and the Annual District Explorer Meeting
    4. Explorer Leader (Young Leaders) ensuring provision of good access to Service opportunities
    5. Explorer Leaders providing Unit Forums in order to plan the programme for next term
    6. ADC Scouts ensuring all Troops run Troop Forums and Patrol Leader Forums in order to plan the programme for next term
    7. ADC Cubs ensuring that all Packs run Sixer Forums in order to plan the programme for next term
    8. ADC Beavers ensuring that all Colonies run structured Log Chews in order to plan the programme for next term