Deben District Scouts

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V9. 09/08/20

1. The GSL, in consultation with Leaders, decides it is appropriate for the Group to start thinking about returning to face-to-face Scouting.  

2.Section Leaders, assisted by Assistant Leaders, agree a blended programme of online and face-to-face activities.   Please refer to: Planning a safe and adaptable programme  and socially distanced activity ideas

3.The Section Leader gets in touch with parents using the letter at: Parent letters 

4.The Exec consults with Section Leaders to establish what support will they need in order for their Section to run their blended programme and return to face-to-face Scouting safely e.g purchase PPE, make some posters, put information on the Group website, etc.  

5.Leaders and Exec do a risk assessment of the place where the face-to-face meeting will be held, for example:

Hazard Identified? / Risks from it?  Who is at risk?  How are the risks already controlled? What extra controls are needed?  What has changed that needs to be thought about and controlled? 
Covid-19 pandemic / illness transferred by not following relevant Govt guidance All  We are required to introduce a control measure of hand washing.   It’s no longer okay to share the same grubby towel, we need to find an alternative method for hand drying.  

6.The Exec provides the support that Leaders need.  Following on from the example above, they might introduce a new Group rule about everyone bringing their own towel, or they might decide to buy paper towels, or buy an air dryer. 

7.The Section Leader runs through the checklist on pages 5 and 6 of: Getting your section back together safely 

8.When a Section feels they have a good plan in place to return to face-to-face Scouting, the Section Leader does a new Risk Assessment, just to check nothing has been forgotten, or new problems haven’t been created.  Click here for the Risk Assessment form

Control measureInformation sources for your Risk Assessment
Hand cleaning sanitiser label / information sheet
Social distancing
Inclusivity and accessibilityConsultation with those involved
Appropriate activities
1st Aid
Displaying symptoms
Test and trace

9.When the Section is happy with the Risk Assessment, they give it to the GSL and Exec for approval.

10.Then the GSL and Exec run through the checklist on page 6 of:  Making sure everything is in place  

11.The GSL and Exec approve the Risk Assessment, then they submit it using the online form at:  Submission for approval

12.The DC tells the GSL when face-to-face activities may commence.

13. The Section Leader ensures Parents provide explicit consent for their children to start attending face-to-face Scouting, using the letter at: Parent letters

14.From then on, the Group takes an active interest in ensuring the Covid-19 Risk Assessment stays relevant, reflecting what is really happening at Section meetings and vice versa, and ensures fresh approvals are gained before continuing with any changes.

15. The Section Leader ensures the Section follows the new Risk Assessment, and also ensures there is a written Plan, Risk Assessment, In Touch and Review completed for every meeting (if you weren’t doing all this before, you should have been).

Example Activity Risk Assessment

Hazard Identified? / Risks from it?  Who is at risk?  How are the risks already controlled? What extra controls are needed?  What has changed that needs to be thought about and controlled? 
Walls /injury  from arriving at walls too enthusiastically Beavers Markings on the floor Remind Beavers what the markings mean before we start the game
Covid-19 / transfer of illness  by touching the same area of wall   All  We need to do extra cleaning Clean the wall between each turn

Example Meeting Plan

Leader In Charge
Other volunteers
Time Activity  Equipment Safety
6pm Starting ceremony Snacks This will be informed by your risk assessment for your starting ceremony
Wall game None Baloo to explain the rules, remember to remind Beavers about the markings on the floor.  Kaa to wipe the wall between goes, using diluted washing-up liquid.
Review notes

Programme Plan

Date  Leader In Charge  Face-to-face  Venue  Activity  Badge(s) Description  Equipment Needed 

Yes / No