Deben District Scouts

Deben is in much better shape than it was two years ago:

  • Award presentations, approvals, permits and appointments are all happening in a timely manner
  • The Explorer Section has gone from having no leadership team to having a full complement of DESC, ADC and Administrator
  • The District Network Unit is starting this term
  • All Leaders in Sections are properly appointed and trained and there is a good attitude towards future training
  • Two Scout Troops awarded their first Chief Scouts Awards this term, top awards will soon become common, with so many more confident trained leaders 
  • We don’t yet have an ADC Development, but we have opened a new Beaver Colony and we have started conversations about opening a new Explorer Unit and another Beaver Colony, we are becoming dynamic and responsive in our provision of Scouting to young members
  • We recently gained an ADC Communications to support promotion and representation of local Scouting