Deben District Scouts

Yellow card

“Yellow Card” code of conduct

Practical guidance for situations where you, or a young member, may be considered to be “alone” FS Lone Working    and on arranging transport for young people: transport 

Gain approval

The DC is responsible for approving all activities for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, in practical terms you need to ensure your line manager knows about:

  • Your term dates
  • Your normal meeting arrangements
  • Activities held at different times from normal
  • Adventurous activities requiring permits
  • Activities away from your normal meeting place, including hikes that start and end there
  • Nights Away involving your young members (NANs should be submitted by the Permit Holder to the DC )
  • Any changes

Leader in charge

Headquarters: Leader in Charge

Headquarters: Headcounts

FS320012 administration requirements

Written risk assessment

The Scout Association considers a risk assessment is:

  1. Look for the hazards
  2. Decide who might be harmed, and how
  3. Evaluate the risks
  4. Record your findings
  5. Review and revise 

Planning and Assessing Risk 

Think about 1st Aid arrangements

FS320012 Safety 

Safety Checklist

FS120000 Risk Assessments  

A-Z rules for specific activities

Communications plan 

FS120075 In Touch

Home Contact

Emergency Cards

Consider what personal information might be required, by who, and how it will be looked after


FS120626 E Coli 


FS120629 Hypothermia, Weils, Algae, etc

Terrorist Attacks 


You need 3 things before you can drive a minibus for Scout activities:

  1. You need an appropriate drivers licence.
  2. You need a permit as described on:  Scouts info on minibuses
  3. You need anything requested by the owner e.g. hiring agreement, local proficiency test, etc