Deben District Scouts

Deben District Cubs

Leaders meeting notes – 25th January 2017 @ 5th Woodbridge HQ


Keith Gleen 1st Martlesham, Dave Clouter & Adam Thorpe 1st Woodbridge, Maggie Ulph & Jacquie Tricker 5th Woodbridge, Steve Lovett 1st Deben Valley, Joan Gibson & David Nessing 1st Westerfield, Steve Burch 1st Leiston.


Were received from those who couldn’t make it.


Glenn explained that he had been reinstated as ADC Cubs and was happy to be back. He explained that he was required to do various things as part of his duties which would include checking on pack numbers, awards being worked on and given out, programs and pack forums etc.

Glenn also explained that as this was his first meeting back in the role, there was no formal agenda and that we would use the meeting to talk about cub things in general.

From around the table, all groups reported good numbers of cubs, interesting and varied programs and good use of the pack forums indicating that the cubs found this useful.

We spoke as well about activities that we would like to see going on the District and a number of suggestions were put forward – these are listed below with comments added where appropriate;

Archery Competition – I (Glenn) understand that Stu has suggested a competition for this year, so watch out for more info on this.

Shooting Competition – As one of the shooting instructors, I (Glenn) am confident this will go ahead this year. I will speak to Buster to see if a date is in mind and report back.

Cardboard Kayaking – 1st Woodbridge had a very successful session of this last year (I know, I was there) and feel it would be an excellent District activity.

One night survival camp

ACE Construction Challenge – this will go ahead later this year !!

Camping Competition

Camp at Sutton Hoo

Sixer & Seconder night hike

Chess competition and Quiz

All of these suggestions were welcomed by the leaders present, but Glenn did say that he would appreciate any offers of organising and running these activities – so if you fancy getting something sorted, give Glenn a shout asap.

Glenn also spoke about doing some form of Beaver/Cub link activity which everyone felt was a good idea as we always used to something to introduce the beavers to cubs. Glenn will try to find out who the new ADC Beavers is and try to get the ball rolling on this.

We spoke briefly about last year’s camp at Glemham Hall and everyone said they had a great time and really enjoyed the Greenfield camping experience – to the point of being happy to do it again. However, no camp is planned for 2017 but I (Glenn) and several others want to see one go ahead in 2018. I (Glenn) am happy to return to Glemham but am keen to go with the general consensus on where to camp. A meeting will be called soon to discuss the camp, to which everyone is invited.

Everyone is keen to see the Cub/Scout link camp go ahead this year. Glenn is going to contact Chris Mapey to see what is being planned, and in the mean time some of the CSL’s with joint roles are going to quiz him about it at their SL’s meeting.

Steve Lovett & Adam Thorpe spoke briefly about St. George’s day saying that a planning meeting had been held, which was very poorly attended, and things were moving forward with this – to make this a success a few more people could really do with getting involved, the planning that goes into this event is quite something, and more people would certainly help things along. If you are able to help out please contact Julie Lovett. The parade will take place in Woodbridge again this year.

Steve also brought up the Training Academy which is being held on the 18th & 19th March at Hallowtree. Lots of training modules are being covered during the weekend and it is an excellent way to get up to speed with your training. If you want to go, you need book on line via the Suffolk Scouts web site – you will also need your membership number when booking.

Dave reminded us all about the aerial runway course being held on the 12th March. To book onto this course you need to get in touch with Jayne Vaughn.

Another District skills day was also talked about and the majority of the leaders felt this was a good idea although they felt that it held at a time that doesn’t clash with the school holidays.

The County Stores was also brought up by Steve Lovett. The stores hold a plethora of equipment that can borrowed by any group to use at pack nights or camps etc – indeed, we made use of this at our Glemham camp. The stores guys are fantastic and really helpful and will happily talk you through what they have. The person to contact is Chris Webb who can be found on 01472 437749, 07775 897719 or at [email protected] (this contact information was taken from the County wbsite)

We will be having a leaders meeting once a term and will try to hold it on different days so that other leaders who may have pack nights can come along to. No meeting was formalised for next term but details will follow shortly. Offers of a venue would be appreciated.

No other points or concerns were raised so the meeting was brought to a close. Thank you to all those who attended and to 5th Woodbridge for the use of their HQ (and kettle).