Deben District Scouts

Hello everyone.

I hope you had a great summer !!

I attended a District Team Meeting this week and just wanted to pass on some of the info that came out of it… in no particular order:

A new ADC beavers has been appointed and is gradually getting settled in to her role.

The District is looking to appoint a new Quarter Master – info can be found on the District website or I’m sure Julie won’t mind if you contact her if you know of someone who might do the job.

There are a number of roles that need filling within the District, they all listed on the website but a snap shot of them is as follows…

5Th Woodbridge need a GSL

1st Westerfield need a GSL

An Explorer leader and assistant leader are required

A new DESC is required

We need a new Membership secretary

We need a new Appointments secretary and three assistants

A Media development Manager is required

An ADC explorers and an ADC Community are also being sought…

This is just a selection of the vacancies. The whole list is on the website with further details etc being available from Julie.

Roger Sykes, the badge secretary has said there is a certificate available that goes with the Sixer badge (no extra cost) to be awarded to a new sixer – please give him a shout for details.

The Active Support guys are still willing to help out where they can – if you need some back up from them, give them a shout – they are listed in the new District directory that came out recently.

There is also a District calendar on the website.

OK, just a couple of other things, but from me this time……I would like a leaders meeting in the next couple of weeks, can anyone offer a venue please ?

It seems some people missed the announcement I made about a District cub camp next year – I have booked Bradfiled Park for the weekend of the 25-27 May 2018 so would like to get the ball rolling on this asap – I am looking for a team of helpers to assist me with this again please so give me a shout before next Friday if you fancy getting involved – don’t say I didn’t ask !!

You should have all seen the info regarding the ACE challenge (proper invites being worked on at the moment) and the shooting competition, so please get these in your diaries.

That will probably do for now !!

Thanks everyone and see you all soon…..Oh, yes and if I can have a copy of, or access to your terms program, that would be great !!

Glenn Knights

ADC Cubs – Deben District

Shooting Instructor

Nights Away Advisor