Deben District Scouts


Date: Sunday February 5th 7.00pm

Location:The Angel, Woodbridge


1.Chris Mapey – ADC Scouts

2.Steve Lovett – ADC Activities / SL at Deben Valley

3.Tim Barnard – 1st Rendlesham

4.Russell McKee – 1st Rendlesham

5.Viv Jones – 1st Woodbridge

6.Adam Thorpe – 1st Woodbridge

7.Daina Wilson – 1st Woodbridge

8.Carl Dyke – 1st Woodbridge

9.Nicola Day – 5th Woodbridge

10.Brad Tooke – 5th Woodbridge

11.Chris Howard – 1st Martlesham

12.Johnny Dixon – 1st Martlesham

13.Steve Swain – 1st Grundisburgh

14.Stuart Ross – 1st Grundisburgh

15.Richard Chaston – 1st Otley

16.Ben Dine – 1st Otley

17.Alan Comber – 1st Kesgrave

18.Michelle Higgins – 1st Kesgrave

Apologies received from 1st Westerfield, 1st Framlingham & 1st Saxmundham

Unfortunately no representation from: 1st Leiston

District Update

Introduction from ADC Scouts who thanked those present for attending Deben District are still looking for more to join the ‘district team’, so please contact the DC if you are interested or know someone who is. More details on the district website.

County Update

(The DC has put a link to County Stores on the District Website.) Reminder about County Skills team (& County Stores) – a FREE resource for your troop to assist you run activities. To book the skills team, please contact the Training Team in the first instance.

Troop Updates

Update from all troops regarding numbers & outlook.

1. Grundisburgh – currently 9 Scouts, with 6 Cubs joining soon

2. Otley – currently 13 Scouts

3. Kesgrave – currently 59 Scouts across two troops

4. 5th Woodbridge – 24 Scouts, 3 about to join, and 15 on waiting list

5. Martlesham – currently 4 Scouts with 2 Cubs about to join.

6. Deben Valley – 18 Scouts across two troops, shortage of leaders

7. Rendlesham – 16 Scouts, with 5 Cubs incoming – Young leader help needed.

8. 1st Woodbridge – 24 Scouts, with 5 Cubs about to join.

What would you like from District?

Several Items were discussed – summarised as:

1.Phoenix Camp – what are the options to resurrect this?

2.District Shooting Competition

3.Archery Competition

4.Cookery Competition

5.S.O.A.P Competition – proposed by 5th Woodbridge (combined team event incorporating Shooting, Orienteering, Archery, Pioneering)

6.Leader Skills Day in September. There is a chance of running this in conjunction with SMILE (County wide leader skills training weekend) – CM to liaise with County training team to see if this can be offered as a day course to Deben leaders. (SMILE is recommended to all SL / ASL as being a great experience to share ‘Scout skills’ and refresh & brush up new techniques from the County Skills Instructors, not to mention a chance to meet County Quartermaster & stores.

7.New Instructors being sought for both archery & shooting, assuming suitable training can be offered, ideally with more notice & a better location than the last opportunity for shooting instructor training offered within the District.

8.Permit lists for both Archery & Air Rifle. There seems to be issues with the leaders being able to search these solely being held on Compass, as not all present have the opportunity to search on Compass, not to mention the inaccuracy of the data within. It’s proposed for a register to be compiled that can be easily circulated within the relevant sections within Deben District. The DC says if you can’t get onto Compass your GSL can help and please see Permits page

King’s River Project. This is a Woodbridge centred project that is to celebrate the opening of the new Whisstocks development on the River Wall in Woodbridge. The details are being finalised but there is considerable opportunity for engagement with local ‘youth groups’ and I have expressed interest that Scouting within Deben District be kept informed with developments. There are more details on this at the end of these minutes.

6. Increase Communications between Troops / Groups Please feel free to ask for assistance and collaborate on activities if you have similar programming during term time. This does not need to be led by the District Staff, rather please contact each other! We are all members of Scouting after all! (DC says: unfortunately, the County Directory hasn’t been kept up to date for a few years now. However, there will be a new Contacts list released in the next few weeks, using info confirmed at census time).

Any Other Business

Link Camp Should be Youth Led, with Young Leader Input & Involvement. Aim to make it more ‘Scouty’ to build enthusiasm for Cubs to join Scouts CM to book date with Hallowtree

MOOT IV This was introduced to all, and 1st Kesgrave will be adding two days additional to their time on Moot VI (Thurs & Fri) and are open to discuss other troops joining them for this time. Please contact 1st Kesgrave for more details 

District Camps Weekend / Single nights away idea was well received as long as a calendar was planned clearly in advance

St George’s Day Details are on the website

Training Academy 18th & 19th March – book online via County website