Deben District Scouts

Next AGM: 

September 2021

2020 Agenda   2020 Report    2020 Accounts      2020 Minutes

Previous AGMs: 

2019 Minutes

2019 Report

2018  Minutes

2017 Minutes      2017 Report        2017 Accounts

2016 Minutes      2016 Report

Essential business of AGMs:

1 Receive and consider the Annual Report of the District Executive Committee, including the annual statement of accounts;

2 Approve the District Commissioner’s nomination of the District Chairman and nominated members of the District Executive Committee;

3 Elect a District Secretary, District Treasurer and other members of the District Executive Committee;

4 Elect Group Scouters to represent the District on the County Scout Council;

5 Appoint an auditor or independent examiner or scrutineer as required.