Deben District Scouts


Details of the meeting

The meeting took place on Wed 14th June 2017 in 1st Otley Scout HQ, starting at 7.30pm.

The meeting was attended by the following members of the Scout Council: Eric Atkinson (District Chairman), Nik Bestow (District Treasurer), Adam Thorpe (District Exec member; GSL, 1st Woodbridge), Julie Lovett (District Commissioner), Steve Burch (GSL, 1st Leiston), Peter Runnacles (Scout Leader, 1st Westerfield), Joan Gibson (Cub Leader, 1st Westerfield), Jane Stone (ADC Activities; Explorer Leader, Debenside), Steve Lovett (ADC Activities; Scout Leader, 1st Deben Valley), Chris Mapey (ADC Scouts), Jane Dickinson (County Commissioner), Brian Harvey (Assistant County Commissioner, 6-11 years), Oliver Smith (County Youth Commissioner).

The following members sent apologies for non-attendance: Jayne Vaughan (Explorer Leader, Young Leaders), Brian Childs (Chair, Appointments Advisory committee), Malcolm Bell (Nights Away Advisor), Julian Bosley (Treasurer, 1st Deben Valley), Archie Adams (Cub Leader, 1st Grundisburgh), Glenn Knights (ADC Cubs), Tilly Crowhurst (Young Member), Gareth Cox (GSL, 1st Kesgrave), Shirley Stocks (Retired District Treasurer)

Chairman’s welcome

On behalf of the District Executive, Eric Atkinson welcomed those present and thanked everyone involved with Scouting in the District.

Deben District Annual Report

Julie presented the Trustee’s Annual Report. No questions were raised.

Deben District Annual Statement of Accounts

Nik presented the annual accounts. Discussions were as follows:

  1. Steve Burch informed the meeting that some Cobra Mist equipment has been stored in 1st Leiston’s hut since the Explorer Unit closed in Spring 2016.
  2. It was noted that there is a vacancy arising for the role of District Quartermaster and the meeting agreed that over the coming year the Exec should look at the recording, organisation and storage of District equipment, including considering the use of OSM for booking out of District equipment as this works well at 5th Woodbridge.

Trustees’ Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

Eric Atkinson proposed that the meeting accept the Trustees’ Annual Report and Statement of Accounts. Agreement was unanimous and the motion was carried.

Approval of the District Commissioner’s nominees

Julie Lovett nominated Eric Atkinson as District Chairman. Approval was unanimous and Eric Atkinson became Chairman.

Election of Secretary

Julie informed the meeting that no Secretary had yet been found.

Election of Treasurer

Eric Atkinson proposed that the meeting elect Nik Bestow as District Treasurer. Agreement was unanimous and the motion was carried.

Election of further members

Eric Atkinson proposed that the meeting elect Adam Thorpe and Steve Burch as District Exec members. Agreement was unanimous and the motion was carried.

Summary of Executive Committee

To summarise, members going forward are as follows: Eric Atkinson (Chair), Nik Bestow (Treasurer), Julie Lovett, Adam Thorpe and Steve Burch. This allows for three further members to be co-opted on later, should the opportunity arise.

Julie informed the meeting that over 300 Occasional Helpers had been informed of the need for more volunteers on the Exec and none had come forward. Also, all Section Leaders had been passed an explanatory letter and posters for a campaign to find more behind-the-scenes volunteers for Groups and District and none had come forward.

Election of a representative to Suffolk County Scout Council

Steve Lovett kindly volunteered to represent the District at the County AGM. Agreement was unanimous and the motion was carried.

Election of scrutineer

The meeting noted that a scrutineer was not necessary, but was a matter of curtesy to the County Treasurer who receives the annual accounts. Eric Atkinson proposed that the meeting grant permission for the Executive committee to elect a scrutineer as appropriate at a later date. Agreement was unanimous and the motion was carried.

Activity reports

Reports from Glenn Knights (ADC Cubs), Chris Mapey (ADC Scouts) and Eric Atkinson (SAS) were warmly received by the meeting.

District Commissioner

The District Commissioner again thanked everyone for their support in the last year particularly the executive committee members, and reported there was nothing more to add to the annual report.

County Commissioner

Jane Dickinson, our new CC, introduced herself to those she had not met. Jane gave a short address on her aspirations for the future of scouting in Suffolk and thanked everyone involved in Scouting in Deben District.


Eric Atkinson wished a special mention of thanks to Shirley Stocks on behalf of the District for her service over many years as District Treasurer. He also thanked the District Team for their work over the past year on behalf of the District.