Deben District Scouts

Any involvement further than behaving as a parent to your child, such as dropping off and picking up, requires you to hold a relevant role.  The role for staying to help out on an occasional basis is called Occasional Helper.  Other roles are available, see leader roles  and  vacancies 

The volunteer form may be found at:  Adult form    Most roles require two references and an interview (exceptions are Occasional Helpers, Committee members and Administrators) 

The DBS form may be found at:  DBS form      The process for this form is that a Leader must check whether your personal identity documents are as described, then they may sign the form and pass it to someone who can enter the information online

Important:  Later you will receive an email invitation to login to the Atlantic DBS system and complete further details online yourself. It is important to complete this part of the process, otherwise your application will not be progressed.  If you have any problems at this stage, please request assistance.

Disclosure information is dealt with confidentially by our Headquarters in Gillwell.  Information may occasionally be passed to a specific District member who may contact you to discuss contents of your disclosure.

Occasional Helpers: you may start when your role is recorded as “full” on Compass.  

Leaders and Assistants:  you may start when a provisional appointment has been confirmed by the District Commissioner (or, if you miss this communication, when your role shows as “provisional” on Compass).  This may happen after your references and interview have been considered satisfactory. 

Provisional appointees:  a provisional appointment lasts for up to 5 months, during which time your induction training must be proven effective  in order for you to continue with a “full” appointment.

Note for Group Scout Leaders:  all appointment forms were updated in January 2019 and can be found at Appointment forms   The DC suggests it’s a good idea for applicants to take on the role of Occasional Helper while waiting for a lengthier appointments process to be completed.