Deben District Scouts

Policy agreed by the County Executive Committee on 24th June 2010 relative to expeditions, both in this Country and abroad, for which the County Scout Council accepts financial responsibility.

1). An expedition treasurer shall be appointed at the start of the planning of an expedition. He/she should be someone other than the expedition leader, and should if possible be a person who is going on the expedition.

2). At an early stage in the planning, the treasurer shall submit a draft expedition budget to the County Executive Committee for consideration and comment, and the treasurer shall then submit revised budgets to the Committee:

2.1) At the date when the expedition fee has been fixed, but before this is made public.

2.2) Immediately prior to the booking of the transport, when those costs are known.

2.3) Three months before the date of departure.

3). When the expedition fee is fixed, it shall include a contingency sum. If all goes according to plan this contingency sum will be refunded when the expedition is over. This arrangement will be made clear to those young people taking part in the expedition and, where appropriate, to their parents as well. If the expedition incurs unforeseen expenditure, this contingency sum will be used to meet it.

4). The amount of the contingency sum will depend upon the degree of risk, which will clearly vary depending upon the intended destination and upon the nature of the expedition’s activities, but the

“guide” for expeditions abroad will be 20% of the fee. If therefore the budget cost is £500 per person the “guide” contingency addition would be £100, giving a total fee payable of £600, but with those taking part getting a refund of £100 if all goes well. The “guide” for expeditions in this Country will be 10%.

5). The treasurer will file a final expedition account with the County Treasurer no later than three months after the end of the expedition.