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Message from Claire Collins, Growth and Development Officer

Forgive me if you are already finding alternative ways to scout with your group/section… But if you are thinking about how we can continue Scouting during these uncertain times, this might help.

HQ are looking to develop some online programs. The RST are looking at what we can develop too.

In the meantime I have been forwarded this link:

Big Man in the Woods is a fantastic scouter, who does all sorts of online teaching videos on you tube. On Thursday from 7.00 – 8.30pm he will be running a live program session for beavers and cubs ( I think), with flag break, games and badge work etc.  If your group or district is wondering what to do whilst non-essential meetings are not allowed, this might be a great activity to keep scouters, scouting…

Or you could also:

  • Set challenges / badge work, which the young person could record them doing it / having done it via videos or photos and then send into their leaders for validation. Check the website for a whole host of program activities for all sections – which may be done at home or during an online session altogether
  • Look at Facebook live (if you have a closed group) chat for the young people to watch – maybe a leader does an activity and then the young people copy it at the same time or afterwards – may take planning but could work. Ensure you are not doing this as a single adult – make sure you have someone else over 18 and DBS cleared with you or watching.
  • Utilise some free activities found through the internet (I hope to build up a list of links over the next day or so, which I can share with you) – for instance some museums around the world have virtual tours – you could offer a virtual trip all together with a skype call of one person sharing a screen whilst doing a tour  – in theory, this would work but I have not tried it yet.
  • If using a skype call – you could offer this at the same time/day as your usual meeting – with maybe splitting into 2 or more calls if you have enough leaders to enable smaller groups of young people to engage at once, maybe making it easier to talk etc. Remembering our safeguarding policies are followed.
  • Skype calls can be dialled into instead of just video calling, so do not have to have a computer, laptop, tablet with internet etc to join in

Please be aware I have not tested the ideas above yet… so it may be a trial and error whilst still being aware of safeguarding and safety of all our young people and adult volunteers alike. For instance maybe always have a minimum of 2 adults on a skype call or Facebook live to be sure you’re not alone online with young people etc.

Please feel free to share these ideas with anyone who may be struggling to continue to scout but wants to…  and let me know if there is anything that you might need help with. I cannot promise I will have any or all of the answers but I will try to find them.

Lastly I want to highlight that I am fully aware that all of these online ideas may not be accessible to everyone (young and old) and that we are supposed to be fully inclusive and flexible – I hope that as we all talk (across the Scouting family) we find more ways and ideas to continue being inclusive which I can share too.

And (definitely) finally…. THANK YOU. Thank you for still doing the amazing activities, fun, adventures and skills for life for our young people. Being a consistent positive influence in the young people’s lives at this time is a huge responsibility, but a very worthy one.