Deben District Scouts

  1. This policy refers to data held by Deben District members 
  1. Personal data is processed using the lawful basis of legitimate interest or consent and it must be kept accurate, up to date and retained for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained.  
  1. This policy refers to emails, texts, electronic documents, paper documents and rarely social media.  Data kept by Scout Association’s headquarters and Online Scout Manager (OSM) that we may access are covered by their policies. 
Information Retention period Reason Practicalities of dealing with paperwork in the real world 
Financial records  Legal requirement Legal requirement We aim to move toward using OSM for membership and participation fees 
Sensitive dealings involving headquarters  and individuals Until the matter is dealt with from our point of view For reference during the relevant process Local records are destroyed as soon as the case is closed at our end 
Under-25’s badge records, maintained as an important part of Scouting May be kept after the child has left, including name, section, badges and dates Considered a nice historic record, sometimes optimism that the child may wish to resume Scouting later Volunteers are not obliged to keep this type of information on behalf of the Scout Association after either they or a child has left 
Under-18’s permit assessments Kept for the duration of their permit Required for enquiries on the permit and responding to incidents Destroyed in batches after the permit has expired, usually during spring cleaning 
Adult permit assessments 2 months after approval Required for enquiries and complaints Destroyed in batches after the 2 month period for complaints has passed, usually around the end of the following term 
Ad-hoc activities and events 2 months after event Required for enquiries on the event and responding to incidents 
Adult application forms Kept until after the process is completed For reference during the application process 
Non-sensitive matters among members  Until the matter is dealt with For reference while the matter may still be relevant 
Non-sensitive matters within local community  
Non-sensitive matters within  Scout Association 
Ad-hoc annual District activities and events  6 months after the event For planning the same event in the following year Destroyed in batches after the 6 month period has passed, usually around the end of the following term 
Review documents for ad-hoc annual District activities and events 18 months after the event  To re-invite helpers and guests to the same event in the following year Destroyed in batches after the 6 month period has passed, usually during spring cleaning