Deben District Scouts

Notes from a Skype meeting of Julie L, Eric A, Nik B and Steve B on evening of Sun 18th Feb 2018

1. Nik to find out if / how we claim Gift Aid. Item to be included on the agenda for next meeting

2. Julie to let Nik know how much the new flags will be and who to make the cheque payable to.

3. Steve to send Nik a copy of the letter with the Cobra Mist balance on it to include in the accounts.

4. Eric / Steve to contact Malcolm to find out who the signatures are for Cobra Mist and arrange transferring the balance / closing the account (as per Building Society request)

5. Nik to write the Raedwald balance off in the accounts

6. Nik to write the Fixed Asset balance on (this balance has been on the accounts for 10 plus years and no one is sure what it is)

7. Nik to prepare a summary of expenditure incurred this year as part of working out a budget (to be included in the agenda for the next meeting)

8. Julie to send out a reminder about claiming expenses by the end of February – so that we can get them in the right years accounts

(also Julie to submit expenses).

9. We agreed to fund the dingy course – Eric to draft a letter.

10. Julie / Eric to draft a brief policy on funding training courses (to be included on the agenda for the next meeting)

11. Julie to write a proposal for donations in respect of people attending camps such as the Jamboree – to discuss at the next meeting

12. Steve to write a brief proposal / description / investigate insurance for a piece of land suitable for camps

13. Julie to send census numbers and summary of subs to be charged to Nik.

14. Refund for early payment for 2017 and 2018 to be included on the subs invoices.

15. Nik to draft accounts for next meeting

15. Julie to draft District training plan / budget needs for next meeting.

16. Next meeting 7:30 25th April at Bridge Cottage.