Deben District Scouts


Description: To work in partnership with the District Commissioner in carrying out “checker” and “approver” duties for “getting back together safely” to ensure safe operation of the District in accordance with rules as laid down in Policy, Organisation & Rules of the Scout Association. 

Responsible to:  District Commissioner  

Main contacts:  Leaders and Trustees 

Support:  You will be allocated a Training Adviser 

Requirements:  validation that your induction training “Getting started” was effective must be completed within 5 months of starting. This role carries a longer-term requirement to complete validations of the Managers & Supporter’s “wood badge” training within 3 years of starting. The usual mandatory requirements apply.

Ref: POR 4.44.b; 9.1.b; The Appointments Process, 4.5 Process 1; and Table 2, Support Roles