Deben District Scouts

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Group Scout Leaders  and helpful list from POR

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

Deben’s informal system for APPROVING ACTIVITIES as per POR 9.1b is as follows: 

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  1. Leaders send their outline programmes, including adult meetings, to their line manager
  2. The line manger  sends the entire Group’s programme to the DC, this can be in summary form as long as the information is there
  3. The DC will reply to the line manager

By submitting the programme to the DC, the line manager demonstrates that they are satisfied concerning the following:  

  • The individual is appropriately trained;
  • Suitable first aid materials are available
  • All equipment is appropriate for the activity;
  • A risk assessment is carried out in accordance see  FS120000
  • If appropriate, the weather forecast is obtained and acted upon in terms of selecting the area in which the activity will operate and the participant is suitably equipped to tackle predicted/possible extremes;
  • Any other requirements of The Scout Association, including Visit Abroad process and Safety, have been complied with;
  • Any legal requirements for the activity have been complied with.