Deben District Scouts

Planning method

It is usual to need 3 or 4 planning meetings prior to a district camp, with agendas and detailed minutes.  

Suggestions for budgeting

Camp venue hire, meetings venue hire, meetings sundries, activity and equipment hire, craft costs, wet weather alternatives, total food, gas, camp badges, thank you presentations, groups’ maintenance levy, leader mileage expenses, how much adults will be charged for food, how much participants will be charged to attend

Things to consider

  • Agree the programme, including details of each LIC and those assisting them, supervision and breaks
  • Risk Assessments for all activities
  • Plans for headcounts, registers of young people, transport arrangements, setting up and taking down
  • A linked-up approach to managing participants’ extra needs
  • Have a site visit and agree camp layout
  • Plans for food storage and handling
  • Agree camp menu if centrally catered
  • Agree camp kit list
  • Emergencies plan, for dealing with accidents and incidents
  • How will 1st Aid assistance be available to all participants at all times?
  • Cancellation plan, at what points do you check if this event should still go ahead and how do you achieve cancellation if necessary?
  • Evacuation plan
  • Robust communications plan with guidance for participating Groups to ensure the In Touch’s work together
  • Agree domestic arrangements such as
    • Will regular drugs be administered by the Camp 1st Aider or within Groups?
    • Does each Group need to bring a mess tent?
    • Does each Group need to bring their own wet weather activities?
    • Will children have mobile phones and what are the rules around this?
    • What meals if any will be centrally catered?
    • When is lights out?
  • Consider having a camp booklet
  • What and when will information go out to Leaders?
  • What and when will information go out to participants and parents?
  • What needs to be included in the final safety checks when you arrive?
  • Schedule leader briefings for the event
  • Schedule the review meeting for after the event