Deben District Scouts

Note: Unfortunately, County requested that District should not use the processes refered to (Appendices A and B). Therefore they were never used.

Meeting on 17th August 2016

The meeting took place at Bridge Cottage, Kettleburgh Road, Framlingham, IP13 9SD, with a scheduled start time of 7.30pm. It was attended by Eric Atkinson (Chairman), Shirley Stocks (Treasurer) and Julie Lovett (District Commissioner). Committee members not in attendance were Nik Bestow (Secretary), Jono Ogden (Network Commissioner) and Adam Thorpe (Youth Representative) whose apologies arrived later.

Welcome and Apologies
Eric welcomed the meeting and it was agreed the meeting would be quorate with 50% present.

Eric led prayers.

Declarations of interest

Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2016 were agreed.

Matters arising (not agenda items)
The three District flags had been refurbished by Julie and were now OK but needed cases, which Julie was still to purchase. The new SAS flag was with Tony G.

The meeting agreed that hardship cases should be dealt with by Groups and only referred to District when they were unable to deal with the situation.

Treasurers Report
Shirley gave a short report, highlights of which were:

  • Shirley was still waiting to receive annual accounts from some Groups for 2015-16.
  • The District had a balance of £21,881.52
  • The District received a note of thanks from FIND (Families In Need) for the donation of £252.28 raised on St Georges Day.
  • Bank signatories needed to be agreed following the recent District AGM.

The meeting agreed that the signatures for the District bank accounts would be: Julie Lovett, Eric Atkinson and Jonathon Ogden.

Insurance & Inventory
A full District inventory was required in order to obtain the correct insurance and a start had been made on this. Julie informed the meeting that she had met with Tony and he had agreed to continue as Quartermaster. Julie said that Tony was aware of the need to compile an inventory and that he was also working on this. Meanwhile, Shirley agreed to check through recent invoices, Eric agreed to check with Buster and Stu for details of the air rifles and archery equipment held, and Julie agreed to consider the replacement cost of flags.

District Badge Account
Eric had been to see Roger Sykes and was impressed by his organisation as Badge Secretary. It was agreed to repay the Badge account the £350 previously used to purchase District scarves.

Appointments Advisory Committee
Committee members
The meeting agreed that, following satisfactory DBS checks and appropriate training, the following individuals were thereby approved as Appointments Advisory committee members:

  • Appointments Secretary: Kelly Smith
  • Scouter members: Julian Dean, Dick Knight and Brian Childs
  • Non-scouter members: Hilary Hill, Jo Reed, Joan Roberts, Pete Dickings and Maureen Dickings.

Julie reported there was a backlog of at least 60 new Leaders and Assistants stuck at the point of needing interviews and references, before they could be appointed and receive training. These individuals had completed the DBS stage of their applications and their applications were supported by their line manager, so it could be assumed that they were attending activities like Occasional Helpers.

Review process
Julie reported that line managers had not previously been properly supported in following the Review process outlined in POR, but that necessary information was gradually being added to Compass to allow this process to start.

POR/Deben Scout Policies and Processes
Appointments Process
Julie proposed a process document which summarised POR and allowed for extra communication from the line manager to the Appointments Advisory committee. The use of this document was approved (see Appendix A below).

Appointments Process
Julie proposed a process to aid the Appointments Advisory committee in deciding whether individuals are required to attend interviews and supply references. The use of this document was approved (see Appendix B below).

No safety concerns were raised. However, it was agreed that this should remain an agenda item.

Charity Status (including Gift Aid)
No report was made.

District Scouting
Development Plan & Projects
Julie described how the District Plan had been facilitated by the Regional Development team and had resulted in a report that included actions to tackle the need for improvements in the appointment and training of new Leaders; a desire for a District campsite and storage facilities; and a need to put longer term plans in place to reduce the large waiting list (because Deben has a fifth of the County’s total waiting list).

At the 2016 census it was identified that Explorers membership had dropped by 25% despite numbers being maintained in the largest Unit, Raedwald.

The meeting agreed to focus on a better understanding of how Explorer Units work, in order to improve support and focus.

Julie reported that Network had held their first meeting and could be considered a work in progress.

No report.

DC’s report
Julie gave a short report, highlights of which were:

  • A new District website aimed at supporting Leaders had been created successfully.
  • The usual summer camps and activities had taken place successfully across the District.
  • Julie was introducing District Team meetings and the first one was due to be held within the coming fortnight.


Dates of future meetings

It was agreed that a calendar for meetings should be set for the year and this this should be done with County and the other District meetings in mind.

Appendix A: New Appointments Process

  1. The line manager adds a candidate to Compass.
    1. They include the candidate’s correct email address and telephone number.
    2. If required, they initiate and oversee the DBS process.
  2. If references are required:
    1. The line manager informs the AAC Secretary of the referees’ names, postal addresses and email addresses.
    2. The AAC Secretary triggers the reference requests on Compass.
  3. When the CE and DBS part of the process have been completed satisfactorily:
    1. In the case of an Occasional Helper:
      1. i. The line manager informs them that they may start helping.
    2. In all other cases:
      1. i. The line manager starts the candidate’s induction and informs them that they may start attending in order to find out more about the role they have volunteered for.
      2. ii. The line manager is invited to provide the AAC Secretary with a written introduction to the AAC.

This may include:

  1. Confirmation of the candidate’s ability to carry out the role.
  2. Confirmation that induction is taking place in a timely manner.
  3. Details of relevant completed training and/or relevant prior role(s).
  4. Whether there is any feature of the candidate’s personality that they would like the AAC to explore.
  5. The AAC Chairman, AAC Secretary and at least one other AAC member meet up and decide, using a flow chart provided by the District Commissioner, whether to:
    1. Approve the candidate without an interview.
      1. i. In this case, the AAC Secretary minutes meeting details and the decision, and informs the District Commissioner.
    2. Disapprove the candidate without an interview.
      1. i. In this case, the AAC Secretary minutes the meeting details, the decision and the reason (without undue detail) and informs the District Commissioner.
    3. Ask the AAC panel to interview the candidate.
      1. i. In this case, the AAC Secretary:
        1. Arranges a venue.
        2. Invites the candidate.
        3. Invites a panel of three AAC members, other than the Secretary and Chairman.
        4. Provides the panel with the references and the line manager’s written introduction before the interview takes place.
  6. The outcome is taken to an AAC meeting and the AAC Secretary:
    1. Minutes the date, time, place, panel members, role applied for, name, membership no, outcome of the panel’s consideration and whether any concerns raised by a line manager or referees were taken into account (without undue detail).
    2. Informs the District Commissioner of the AAC’s recommendation.
  7. On receiving the AAC’s recommendation, the District Commissioner:
    1. Records on Compass:
      1. i. Whether the references were satisfactory.
      2. ii. Whether the AAC approved.
      3. iii. Whether the District Commissioner approved.
    2. Where required, and with support from the AAC Chairman and AAC Secretary, informs HQ of details in a letter marked “Private and Confidential”.
  1. Appendix B: AAC Flow Chart

    Go to step 5.

      1. 1. Are the references OK?
        1. YES go to step 2
        2. NO the choice is to either disapprove or interview the candidate; this decision will be based on the content of the references.
      2. 2. Does Compass say “disclosure issued”?
        1. YES go to step 3
        2. NO has HQ referred the matter to District?
          1. i. YES the choice is to either disapprove or interview the candidate; this decision will be based on the disclosure and supplementary information that has been provided by HQ.
      3. 3. Has the line manager confirmed that the candidate’s induction has been started?
        1. YES go to step 4.
        2. NO wait until confirmation is received. Go to step 4.
      4. 4. Has the line manager requested that the AAC explores any feature(s) of the candidate’s personality?
        1. YES interview the candidate with regard to the line manager’s relevant concerns.
      1. NO go to step 5.
      2. 5. Has the line manager provided confirmation of the candidate’s ability to carry out the role?
        1. YES go to step 6.
        2. NO interview the candidate with regard to their understanding of the role and their ability to carry it out. Go to step 6.
      3. 6. Does the candidate already hold a Scouting role locally?
        1. YES go to step 7.
        2. NO interview the candidate with regard to their support of Scouting values and policies.
      4. 7. Approve the candidate without the inconvenience of an interview.