Deben District Scouts

Welcome and apologies

Present: Julie (DC) and Steve L (ADC Nights Away and Activities).

Apologies from: Glenn (ADC Cubs), Eric (Exec), John S (SAS) plus understanding of apologies from Roger (Badges) and Tony (Quartermaster).

We decided to go ahead with the meeting despite the poor turnout, on the grounds that neither present had time for rescheduling this meeting. Julie will request missing reports to be added later for the benefit of those reading the minutes.

DC’s report (Julie)

This meeting is identified in POR as necessary to review how things are going in the District and put plans in place for support. Julie believes that Leaders need this meeting to happen.

Community & Development (Julie)

There is currently no ADC for Community or Development, but Julie is meeting soon with a new volunteer who has shown an interest after viewing the District website.

Training (Julie)

There has been a successful effort over the past two terms to get the District back up to date on 1st Aid.

The recent GSL meeting decided that Ray only needs to inform Julie when people complete Getting Started 

Next term, there is an increased requirement for Getting Started training and validation between1st March and 1st August. Past recruitment rates suggest that on average 10 Leaders will require it per term in future.

In autumn term, Module 1Es will be needed following AGMs, possibly also optional Exec training. This can be expected to happen annually.

Quartermaster (Julie)

GSLs have Equipment on the Agenda for their 18th May meeting.

Badges (Julie)

Scouts Shop launched an online badge ordering service on 6th March. However, the letter sent to Badge Secretaries was unclear and Roger has requested clarification.

From 8th March, Roger will receive, alongside each Sixer and Patrol Leader badge stripe, a support guide including a certificate. The aim is to encourage the peer leadership part of the Programme.

Scout Active Support (SAS) (Eric and John)

John and Eric kindly produced Minutes of the recent Zebra SAS meeting in time for this meeting.

Beaver Programme (Julie)

There is currently no ADC Beavers, but there is an application pending and Julie hopes to be able to make an announcement soon.

Cub Programme (Glenn)

Good Evening

Sorry I can’t be with you tonight, but here is my report…

I am settling back into the ADC role and have been encouraged by the comments from the guys around the District. It’s nice to be back. Thanks for the positive comments and thanks to Julie for letting me back in !!

Our first Leaders meeting was held at a rather chilly 5th Woodbridge HQ and was very well attended which is always a good thing. We didn’t have an agenda as such but a lot was talked about and a lot of suggestions for District activities were put forward. Realistically, we’ll never be able to do them all but a few stood out which I am investigating further to see how feasible they are. Hopefully we will be able to have termly leaders meetings which I would like to hold at different locations around the District and on different days, so that all the leaders get the chance to come along at some point.

One thing that is eagerly awaited is the Link Camp, so if any details are available for this, I would like to let the CSL’s know ASAP.

I am keen to develop a similar link activity for the Beavers/Cubs and am just awaiting a new ADC Beavers so this can be planned.

There is no District Cub Camp planned for this year, but there will be one in 2018. I am looking at sites presently but we do have the option of going back to Glemham Hall if we want.

I have been able to visit a couple of packs so far and have enjoyed Night Hikes with 1st Woodbridge, around Rendlesham forest, and 1st Grundisburgh, around what felt like the whole of Suffolk (if anyone wants an incident hike planned, speak to Archie at Grundisburgh, he knows how to wear out the cubs………and leaders !!). I will also be at Saxmundham Cubs soon and will be looking to pop in and see more packs as I can. It is apparent though that the packs enjoy a varied and interesting program delivered by enthusiastic and awesome leaders.

Pack numbers appear generally healthy around the District with a good mixture of boys and girls which is very positive, and I hope this is reflected in the scout section when the cubs move up.

That’s all for now.

Thanks very much,


Scout Programme

Report to follow.

Water Activities (Julie)

There have been no Permit applications since the last meeting. However, problems with Permits granted by previous DCs have been highlighted this term, prompting Julie to produce a short explanation click here.

Camping & Land Activities (Steve)

Since our last meeting, I’ve attended the ADC’s meetings of Cub Leaders and Scout Leaders.

Cub Leaders requested an adults Activity Day in Sept. However, when I raised this with Scout Leaders, one individual was keen to point out that SMILE is in Sept and so that would not be a good time. Therefore, I was hoping to discuss this with ADCs at this meeting and I am disappointed not to have the opportunity.

At meetings, I have encouraged people to take up skills and Permit opportunities. There have been no requests for Permits since the last meeting.

I would ask all ADCs to encourage people to provide Nights Away opportunities for young people and work towards gaining Nights Away Permits. To that end, if any Section needs support, please let me know.

I have been promoting use of equipment from County Stores, although I am finding it frustrating that there are no written terms and conditions of use.

I am looking to stand down from this ADC Activities role due to other commitments.

Schedule for the coming term

With only two people present, we weren’t able to discuss and agree targeted support within the District.

St Georges Day (Julie)

Sun 23rd April 2017

We were due to discuss and agree the Promise part of the ceremony at this meeting.

Julie was going to ask for advice on the problem of finding some actors for the scheduled St George and dragon play.

Suffolk Show (Steve)

Wed 31st May, Thurs 1st June 2017

The theme will be Scouting past and present, with a view to encouraging discussions about how Scouting has changed with nostalgic adults, who may then be persuaded to become Leaders.

Steve L (ADC Activities) will call a planning meeting to discuss this in the near future.