Deben District Scouts


The meeting took place on 23rd Nov at the DC’s home, between 7.30 and 10pm. It was attended by Steve Lovett (ADC Camps and Activities), Chris Mapey (ADC Scout Section), Ray Whiffen (Local Training Manager), Eric Atkinson (SAS), Julie Lovett (DC). Apologies were received from Tony Flury (Quartermaster), Buster Cage (shooting team), Jane Stone (ADC Water Activities), Jenny Roe (Deputy County Training Manager) and Roger Sykes (Badge Secretary).

District Plan (Julie)

District Team vacancies

(Vacant roles are described on the website.) We discussed how it is ok for people to offer to have a go at a role for a trial period, as in a lot of cases the role is either new to Deben or interpreted differently by the current DC, so matching volunteers to roles may take a bit of trial and error.

A large District Team is desirable to provide more people that Groups and Leaders can call on for assistance. Therefore, everyone in the District is encouraged to nominate new volunteers for District roles if they see an opportunity.

District Campsite

We discussed the action to find a District campsite. We suggested several venues to approach, including the possible use of set aside land, and individuals took actions to make enquiries as appropriate. The campsite needs to be fairly central in the District and should ideally have basic storage on site. It needs to be available for that sole use and managed by a Scouter, in order to make it as easy as possible to for Sections to use it. Ideally, it should be cheap and possible to manage on a shoestring. It must have a formal agreement with the landowner to ensure a good relationship with clear responsibilities.

Youth Shaped Scouting

Julie stressed the importance of promoting Lodge, Sixer and Patrol systems, enabling progression to peer-led camps in the older sections. We discussed how this can be assisted by District activities being planned and managed, and involving youth input, in a way that encourages learning of these important skills.

Shooting Team (Buster, read by Julie)

We ran the shooting at the Cub/Scout link camp and have run sessions for 1st Woodbridge Cubs and Scouts. We will again be running the air rifle base at Moot next year.

Training (Ray)

There were 2 Wood Badges awarded since my last report August this year.

Status report:

Since my last report it has become apparent that there are other significant errors in the Compass data which will need to be corrected before a detailed analysis of the training requirements can be undertaken. I have not had any communication from the GSL’s following my last report when I requested that they checked their leaders but the Compass report on leaders requiring Module 12A and/or 12B brought to light a number of errors. The Compass errors will be corrected over time but there is a significant amount of work to resolve these issues.

Training Academy 10 took place in October and although a few leaders from the Deben district attended overall, the attendance from this district was disappointing.

Training Opportunties

A number of Training courses have been arranged or in the process of being arranged as follow:

  • Module 12A Delivering a Quality Programme & 12B Programme Planning 27th November 2016 at Otley
  • Module 1 Essential Information 9th December 2016 Framlingham (just confirmed to be advertised)
  • Module 10 First Aid 7th January 2017 Framlingham (confirmed will be advertised now that Framlingham numbers are known as numbers are limited at 24 which requires 2 trainers)
  • Module 10 First Aid 22nd January 2017 (1st & 5th Woodbridge trainer confirmed, awaiting venue confirmation, will be advertising as soon as 1st and 5TH numbers are known, numbers limited at 12)
  • Safeguarding / Safety 29th January 2017 Kesgrave (just confirmed to be advertised)
  • Module 10 First Aid 11th February 2017 (2 trainers confirmed but waiting to hear back from Saxmundham about hut availability)
  • Module 10 First Aid 12th February 2017 (2 trainers confirmed but waiting to hear back from Saxmundham about hut availability)

I also have first aid trainers booked for March so that courses can be held in Woodbridge and Saxmundham or Leiston if necessary.

Module 1 courses

County have requested that leaders who undertake module 1 Essential Information for the first time, except Exec members, should attend the module 1 course as the online training does not equip these leaders with the required knowledge in child protection and safeguarding and a number of issues have arisen in the county because of this.

Therefore in 2017 there will be a number of module 1’s run out of Hallowtree and also another venue probably Framligham on a monthly basis to accommodate these leaders. The Hallowtree courses are already arranged and the others are currently being organised and information will follow shortly. A number of module 3’s Tool’s for the Role will also run early in 2017.

Training Advisors

I am hoping to arrange a TA’s meeting on 6th December and I am awaiting information on hut availability from the relevant GSL.

1st Aid for Adventurous Activities

Ray took an action to request a 2 day long 1st Aid course suitable for those Leaders in the District who are involved with Adventurous Activities.

Scout Section (Chris)


The Cub/Scout Link Camp was a success. It was attended by 52 older Cubs and younger Scouts from 1st Westerfield, 1st Woodbridge, 1st Grundisburgh and 1st Kesgrave. Activities included archery, shooting and climbing. It made an unexpected profit, due to several generous donations leading to lower costs. We discussed the possibility of using that profit to facilitate future camping opportunities for Scouts who Leaders identify as repeatedly missing out. We agreed to encourage modest regular District events, for example monthly Night Hike camps at various venues.


We considered the impact of the trend for Scouts to move up to Explorers at the earliest possible age, as this is proving unhelpful to the age and maturity of Patrol Leaders.

Beaver Section (Julie)

There is presently no ADC Beavers, but one person has asked about the role. A District Beaver Leader meeting is scheduled for January.

Cub Section (Julie)

There is presently no ADC Cubs. A District Cub Leader meeting is scheduled for January. (See below for the Cub Promise event later this term.)

Adventurous Activities (Steve)


No Permits have been granted since last meeting. However, 2 Hillwalking Permits remain pending. The problem is that CMAT leave the 2nd assessment “knowledge of appropriate Scout rules” for the DC to do, but Julie is not an expert in hillwalking expeditions. Therefore, John Hughes has kindly agreed to assess people in this situation, as he has a higher level of Permit than those sought and has done the necessary training in assessment for his NA Assessor role.

Aerial Runways

We discussed how the Code on the national website must be adhered to and the support that is available from County for this skill.

Life Jackets

We agreed to investigate the possibility of having some District life jackets which could be borrowed easily by Leaders doing activities nearby water. Chris took an action to discuss this with Jane, as there will be considerations around purchase, storage and maintenance. We hope that a proposal can be passed to Eric in time for consideration at the next Exec meeting.

Nights Away (Steve)


Since last meeting, 4 Nights Away Permits have been granted to Angus Wheeler Rowe, Archie Adams, Marie Malkin and Peter Runnacles.


Since the last meeting, there has been a District camp and 11 normal camps. These include: 3 Explorer camps, 6 Cub camps, 6 Scout camps and 1 Beaver camp. They were diverse in destination and length, including a camp at HMS Bristol. There is a further Troop camp scheduled for later this term.

Zebra SAS Unit (John Speight, read by Eric)

Write-up of John’s report to follow, things are looking good.

Forthcoming events

The full list is on the website and we discussed the following in more detail.

Cub Promise Party

Fri 16th December 2016

Julie took an action to put the SAS and the team of Leaders organising this event in touch with each other, so that the SAS could offer practical support.

St Georges Day

Sun 23rd April 2017

The date was agreed at this meeting. The planning team will be led by the SAS and hopefully involve some Explorers. Julie took an action to discuss this with Explorer Leaders.

If possible, the first planning meeting will be prior to Christmas and include agreeing the shape of the event, young members’ involvement on the day, parade marshalling, booking the venues and booking a band. Julie took an action to propose dates for a planning meeting.

Suffolk Show

Wed 31st May, Thurs 1st June 2017

Julie was informed at a County DC meeting on 23rd Oct that it is Deben District’s turn to run the County stand at Suffolk Show in 2017. We discussed how we might attract parents and potential volunteers and our ideas are along the lines of an alter fire, cheap refreshments and loud games. Chris took an action to discuss this with Scout Leaders.

We also discussed the importance of speedy follow up to any expressions of interest gained at this event.