Deben District Scouts

District Team Meeting


@ 1st Otley Scout hut, Otley, Suffolk. 19:30

Present: Julie Lovett (District Commissioner)

Steve Lovett (ADC Activities)

Glen Knights (ADC Cubs)

Roger Sykes (Badge Secretary)

Eric Atkinson (District Chairman)

Carol Mincher (District Secretary)

Welcome and apologies

District Commissioner welcomed participants and informed them that the meeting is identified in POR as necessary to review how things are going in the District and put plans in place for support.


Community and Development

It was reported that a paid development Officer will be starting in the near future. There will be support available for good development ideas. This role will also look at opening new sections, possibly groups and also include waiting list development.

It was discussed whether a camp site purchase could be deemed as a development opportunity. Julie advised that this has already been put forward.

Julie advised that the development ideas should be emailed to Julie. She will then put it forward as a case and distribute it to the Development Officer.


Report from Ray: There have been 5 Wood badges awarded since last report.

Compass is up to date with all validations in the district and the TA team have been very active in helping both current and prospective leaders through their module validations.

Training Academy 11 will take place in October and hopefully the attendance from Deben will be improved from the previous one. Ray had asked the TA’s to do a final push to make it a success.

Module 1 Essential Information courses will be run at Hallowtree, dates to be advised and Ray will also be organising local courses for those people who cannot get to Hallowtree.

TA’s will shortly be able to validate modules in compass which should make the process a lot more streamlined. Ray to arrange a TA’s meeting towards the end of October 2017.

Discussion regards observation that some validations have been made before appointments but these are not on Compass. It was reported that there is some difficulty putting these on Compass but a list is being kept. If this occurs in the future, please alert Ray via Compass with the name of person validated.

Action: Meeting participants


There is a current vacancy for District Quartermaster. No major purchases of shared equipment since last meeting. Equipment at 1st Leiston hut moved to 5th Woodbridge hut.

A list has been made for Aldeburgh, Leiston and Woodbridge equipment.


Roger reported that there has been some criticism regards some of the designs of new badges. Leaders do not appear to be asking for special badges + certificates. These badges/certificates are being phased in and Roger is sending them out to the leaders.

Scout Active Support (SAS)

It was reported that they had a Summer walk a few weeks ago.

The District Supporting County re-dedication service is on 15th October 2017 at 15:00 at St. Felix, Rendlesham.

The Walk at New Year around Framlingham is To Be Confirmed.

Link camp – No specific request for District Support.

Scout Programme

No report given. Link Camp is going ahead.

Cub Programme

Cub Leaders will be contacting each other after the Summer holidays.

Programme includes: ACE challenge (date is 19/11/2017), shooting competition, Bredfield Spring 2018, District Cub camp (25-28 May 2018).

Deben district was represented well at MOOT.

Beaver Programme

Laura Sheridan is new to her role and is undertaking new training, so induction may take a little longer than usual.

Water Activities

No report. It was reported that Time on the water and Paddle sports badges seem to be very popular.

Camping and Land Activities

It was reported that since the last meeting there had been 66 camps, including 8 to Moot. 1 adult applied for and was granted a Nights Away permit. 6 adults and 1 young member have applied for and was granted Adventurous activity permits. There have been no Nights Away Passports issued to young members for peer led camps, but 5 young members have been granted Personal Adventurous Activities.

Funding is available for permit training with different contributions put towards the training.

Aerial runways – County want to create training permits for Aerial runways. It was re-iterated that this task must be done according to the fact sheet and no specific training is currently required. Steve reported that there had been a proposal for having District equipment for Aerial Runways that can be tested regularly. It was discussed that there was a concern that if the kit was located around the district, that the kit would be used without being tested. It was suggested that Headquarters guidelines should be followed.

Scheduled support for the coming term

There is a beach clean up at Aldeburgh on September 26th – everyone is invited to take part.

Mere day at Thorpeness – Adventure Challenge badge.

District Calendar

Leaders Social event

Discussed Leaders Social event to be held on 20th January 2018. Glen reported that he may be able to assist Julie with organising this Social Activity.

Action: Glen/Julie

St. George’s day 2018

Julie reported that the St. Georges day event for 2017 was good and she proposed that it should follow a similar structure for 2018. Volunteers for acting out St Georges day are required- it was reported that some areas had not asked their group members for volunteers last year. It was noted that SAS normally undertake the organisation and would like to have the same content each year. Date of St. Georges day event is 22nd April 2018.

An event for Autumn Term 2018

It was discussed that ideas and diary dates are required for the next Autumn term. Also discussed was that a date and venue required for a District activities day.

Forthcoming events that need to be discussed in detail

No forthcoming events reported.

Any Other Business

It was reported that Deben was represented at the Suffolk Show and that there had been success with recruitment.

The raft race day was also reported as being a good event.

Date of Next Meeting