Deben District Scouts

The Nov meeting was cancelled, but below are some of the reports that members sent for it:

Local Training Manager

By Ray

I am pleased to say that there have been 1 Woodbadge awarded since my last report.

Compass it up to date with all validations in the district and the validation process is now more streamlined as the TA’s are now able to update the validations on Compass themselves. The TA’s have been requested to let me know when a leader completes their Getting Started modules.

There are 2 new TA’s in the district, 1 undergoing training and another just starting their training so there should be no reason for a leader not to be allocated a TA when required. I want to make sure that there is enough support for the number of leaders being appointed.

Training Academy 12 will take place in March and there are already a number of registrations from the Deben district. I hope this will continue as the Deben attendance for the Academy 11 was a great improvement from the previous one.

I hope to run a number of modules including 1 and 10 in the New Year and will provide further information once the venues and dates have been finalised.

The new management training scheme is underway and the relevant courses have been published to those that require them. Keith Gleen has completed all the necessary training to validate the modules and is working as the TA for the only leader in Deben that currently requires the training. There are however other TA’s who should be able to act as a TA for the new management training scheme shortly. I have been advised by County that they will be calling for evidence files for every manager and supporter Woodbadge applied for to quality assure the validations being carried out.

I was hoping to arrange a TA’s meeting towards the end of October after I return from holiday but unfortunately I could not find a suitable date which Jenny Roe and I could make. As Christmas in now upon us I will leave it to the New Year.

Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)

By Glenn

“I’ll confess that my pack visits are currently low and I haven’t been able to see as many folk as I would have liked so far this term. However, I am in regular contact with a lot of the leaders in the district and know that wide and varied programs are in full force around the packs. A lot of packs are still getting outside even in the less balmy weather conditions.

I attended the shooting competition and was able to be there as ADC rather than an instructor which was a good opportunity to catch up with a few people. The competition was well attended again with some fantastic shooting skills on display.

The ace challenge went ahead this year with 13 teams attending to construct some very interesting contraptions. I am already mulling over ideas for next years ace which I think might take on a more technical feel……but we’ll see.

I have received a lot of interest in resurrecting the sixer and seconder night hike and am happy to report that this is currently be planned for march next year.

The district cub camp is in the planning stages to, I just need the leaders to get behind it now and let the cubs know. Info/invites have been out for some time now, so this will be getting pushed hard soon.

That about sums it up. I do intend getting out and about and seeing some more people as soon as I am able”