Deben District Scouts

“IN TOUCH” COMMUNICATION PLAN FOR:  Beaver Camp, Summer 2018

Parents will be given the mobile phone numbers for at least 2 leaders (names, roles and tel nos removed)  and have the email address of Name Removed who can access it via wifi/data if there is no signal. Travel will be via minibus with two leaders driving independently so that there are two back-up vehicles in case of emergency.

Parents are regularly asked to update their details via myScout, and a form specifically for this event (including contact details for parents) will be required before the Beaver will be allowed on the minibus (leaving from Dickleburgh HQ). These forms will be held by one leader, who will check they correlate with those on OSM, and update if necessary for people we are already aware of. Each leader will have a number of Beavers they are in charge of during the event, and will be provided with their contact details. Leaders in separate vehicles will be given contact details of all parents in case of emergency. If all parents need to be contacted at once, each leader will be tasked with calling the parents of the Beavers from their group.

Parents will be given an estimated return time and will be informed if we will be significantly later (if we are going to be early we will play games until parents arrive). Parents will be advised that calls to leaders are in case of emergency only, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Beavers will not be allowed to carry personal communication devices, but if communication with parents is necessary (in exceptional circumstances) they will be allowed to use a leader’s phone (under supervision of the leader).

In the pre trip meeting, the Event Leader will ensure that every leader has the DC and Duty Media Officer contact details (POR Chapter 7), with the Event Leader given responsibility for contacting them first in case of a reportable incident (unless they are involved in the incident).



1st Rendlesham Scout Group In Touch – Routine and Emergency Contact Details

The following table lists the contact details for the Scout Leaders and alternative contact details in case of queries or emergency.

Contacting Leaders

During the weekend will be busy looking after our Scouts & may not be able to have their phones on at all times.  Therefore all contact to the camp is to be made via the Primary Contact who will then relay messages to the leaders as required.

In case of Emergency, Jane Barnard who will be available at all times during camp, and will have contact details for all Scouts, Leaders & their families along with access to site/sub camp/district & Scout HQ contact information.


Nomination Name Role Contact Information
Primary Contact Removed Removed Removed
Camp Leader Removed Removed Removed
Secondary Contact Removed Removed Removed

Emergency Contact


Removed Removed

Any communication with parents will be made by the Camp Leader or via the primary contact, a check of communications will made on the evening after drop arrival at the camp site.Communication with Parents

Please advise the camp leader of any changes to the contact information supplied on the camp permission forms and that you or your second contact is available over the duration of the camp.

Communication from Parents to Scouts

Any communication required from parents to Scouts should be made via the Primary Contact who will contact the Camp Leader. Only in extreme emergency should they contact the Scout Leader directly

Communication from Scouts to Parents

Any communication from Scouts to parents will be made via the camp leaders phone only.

We ask that Scouts do not bring mobile phones (or any other electronic devices) to camp.

Communication to District Commissioner/Scout Headquarters

Any contact that is required to the District Commissioner/Scout Headquarters relating to general camp matters will be made via the Camp Leader or in case of an emergency situation via the Emergency Contact.