Deben District Scouts

Start holding proper District Exec meetings Ensure appropriate agendas for meetings Exec The first successful meeting being held Achieved
Improve function of the AAC

(Please note the DC amended this to show splitting the AAC Secretary role into manageable chunks.)

Appoint a new AAC Secretary to support the Chair in arranging and recording meetings Exec New AAC Secretary in post and making good progress with processing applications Still looking
Appoint a new AAC Secretary to deal with preparation of new applications for AAC consideration Exec New appointee in post and making good progress with processing applications. The bulk of this work is DBSs and References, which Group Admins and Line Managers may also help with. Still looking for an Appointments Secretary.   

Meanwhile, achieved via 2 District Admins, one supporting Groups and the other supporting the Explorer Section.

Appoint a new AAC “Reviews” Secretary Exec New Assistant AAC Secretary carrying out the role in an efficient and timely manner To reduce the workload, the AAC has agreed that where the leader wishes to continue in the same role, and no concerns have been raised to the DC, they may be considered as re-approved by the AAC
Increase the number of adults available Clear backlog of 60 Leader/Assistant applications AAC All new volunteers’ applications fully processed within 4 months of DBS or applying (whichever is most recent)  

We have 36 applications:

  • 4 are from the historic backlog problem
  • 16 are new applications from earlier than 9th Nov
  • 20 are within the 4 month target
Ensure that people know about District vacancies Create a page on the new District website for this purpose DC A page on the website showing vacancies and role descriptions Achieved
Appoint an Honorary President

(Note this role is new to the District.)

Identify a candidate All Honorary President representing Scouts in an official capacity, promoting the wellbeing of Scouting in the wider community and assisting to develop relationships with outside organisations Still looking
Appoint them Exec
Induct them DC
Appoint an Youth Commissioner

(Note this role is new to the District.)

Identify a candidate aged under 25 All A Youth Commissioner doing what Youth Commissioners do (see HQ website) Still looking
Appoint them DC
Induct them DC
Obtain a central campsite and storage facility Locate a campsite All District wide access to a dedicated campsite with some storage facilities and a booking system for camps and equipment Lots of discussion, some enquiries in progress, but no outcomes to report.
Owner agreement Exec
Appoint a Warden Exec