Deben District Scouts

District Explorer Leaders’ Meeting on Fri 15th Sept at 1st Framlingham Scout Hut

Present: Craig F (Debenside Unit), Craig A (Fresh Unit), and Stu Ross (Fynn Valley Unit).

Apologies from: Raedwald Unit (who later met with the DC on 28/09/17)

DC Report

Julie reported that the district appointments process is now working and all new volunteers from now on must follow the process described on the website.

The meeting briefly discussed a complaint about noise behaviour of Deben members at a recent County camp.

The meeting briefly discussed the fact that Network members are not DBS’d in relation to attending County camps and joint activities supporting moving up.

The meeting noted that Tony is the new Explorer Admin

The meeting noted that there will be a Leaders Party on 20th January

District Campsite

This project is in the early stages and the meeting discussed views on needs and acceptable compromises.

District Trailer

The type of trailer discussed was a small one that could be easily fastened and towed with a normal licence. It was agreed that Julie should carry out a survey of support among Leaders.

Fynn Valley Report

There are 20 Explorers and 2 Leaders. Another Leader has applied. Highlights of the last term were MOOT, District Explorer BBQ and the usual Hikes etc. Plans for the coming term include Pedal Car Racing which is a 24 hour event. No significant badges were awarded last term. Significant badges expected by the end of this term are a few Golds and DofEs.

Fresh Report

There are 16 Explorers (9 boys and 11 girls) on the books, but only 9 at meetings so far this term. There are 2 Leaders. Highlights of last term were a bike ride, trampoline and mini-golf. Plans for the coming term include a Ready Steady Cook night, a visitor talking about Katamndo and Christmas celebrations. No significant badges were earned last term.

Debenside Report

There are 11 Explorers and 3 Leaders. 6 older Explorers recently left and 4 Scouts are expected to move up in April. They are pleased that the new Leader was an Explorer in the Unit when it first started. Highlights of last term were Gilwell Winter Camp, Gilwell 24, Summer Camp, link activities and 1 night “survival” camps. The Unit recently supported water activities for 1st Rendlesham Group. Plans for the coming term include a camp at Portsmouth Navel Base. Main badge work last term was water activities related. No significant badges were earned. However, Craig was pleased to report that a former member recently completed his Explorer Belt and Gold DofE with Network.

Raedwald Report (added later for completeness)

There are 20 Explorers and 2 Leaders, plus 1 DofE Leader. No significant badges were earned last term. The programme for the coming term involves Explorers taking turns to run nights and the stated aim is to earn one badge per month.