Deben District Scouts

Gift Aid

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Annual membership fee

The UK Scout Association charges a fee per young member after the census on 31st January each year. This is traditionally paid by the Group from contributions by participants.


Everyone must give any money which they have received on behalf of the Group or District to the relevant Treasurer. You must never put it through your own bank account.

Specific expenses

Any purchases of equipment above and beyond the normal termly budget require prior agreement with the relevant Executive committee.

Other expenses

Questions about whether a specific expense incurred on behalf of the District may or may not be appropriate should be directed to the District Commissioner, or the event organiser if it relates to a District event.

The DC may decide that the District should provide assistance with petrol and other reasonable costs relating to regular attendance which would otherwise make it difficult for an adult to continue membership: In the event of a disagreement, the Leader has the right of appeal to the Executive Committee.