Deben District Scouts

GSLs and Leaders update March 2019:  The situation remains that we have no Leader to run Deben Unit (the one that isn’t 1st Kesgrave Unit)

Before a Young Leader starts:

  1. Ensure they provide relevant personal details to the Section Leader in the same way as all other young members
  2. Ensure there is a  Placement Agreement form that has been signed by everyone involved
  3. Inform District Explorer Scout Administrator (DESA) of:
    1. their name
    2. their contact details
    3. where they are helping
    4. when they will stop / turn 18
    5. if they are doing Service for an award
    6. if they are in another Explorer Unit

Later inform the DESA:

    1. when they have completed Module A
    2. when they stop helping!

In the first 3 months: 

  1. Your Group is required to provide induction training MODULE A
  2. This should be completed as early as possible because it includes important information!
  3. Any Leader who feels confident to do so may deliver Module A
  4. Young Leaders are under 18, please remember to follow the Yellow Card
  5. If you cannot find a way to provide Module A, you must stop inviting Young Leaders to help 
  6. Explorer Young Leaders should be presented with their woggle and badge when they have completed Module A. The woggle is click here and you should buy the badge from the District Badge Secretary in the normal way.

Explorer Young Leaders: 

  1. Headquarters recommends  up to three Young Leaders per Section
  2. Young Leaders are supposed to follow the young leader’s programme of badgework  and a paper version is available for £8 from click here 
  3. Any Leader may deliver this, however if at any time you find that you need advice about how to deal with this age group, you are encouraged to seek assistance from any Explorer Leader in the District
  4. You will need to keep the DESA updated with completed badge work
  5. Information to give Young Leaders is at click here
  6. For information on giving out the awards as they work though the scheme click here

There is presently no Explorer Leader for the Young Leader Unit, hence the above situation, which will continue until someone recruits a new volunteer