Deben District Scouts

Meeting Details

The meeting took place on the evening of 1st March 2017 in Kesgrave Scout Hall.

It was attended by: Julie (DC), Gareth (1st Kesgrave), Oliver (5th Woodbridge), Chas (1st Otley), Peter (1st Westerfield), David (1st Framlingham), Steve (1st Leiston), Richard (1st Martlesham), Keith (1st Rendlesham), Adam (1st Woodbridge). Two Groups were unable to be present: 1st Saxmundham and 1st Deben Valley.

Peter J (Deputy County Commissioner) was warmly welcomed as a visitor.


A new District Directory has been sent out by email via line managers.

There is no new County Commissioner as yet.

Glenn has returned to the role of ADC Cubs. There is an application pending for ADC Beavers. Someone has expressed an interest in taking on a role of either ADC Development or ADC Community and Julie is meeting with them next week.

A parent recently volunteered for either District Secretary or Appointments Secretary but withdrew their offer after being dissuaded by a Beaver Leader: We agreed that volunteering for District roles should be viewed positively by all.


Several people recently discovered that their Permit isn’t on Compass. Such permits should be considered non-valid until the problem has been sorted out. This takes time, because information about the assessment is required, so Julie advises that Leaders raise issues sooner rather than later.


Julie handed out envelopes containing awards to be presented to Leaders.

We agreed that District would present certificates and official pin badges when new appointments turn from “provisional” to “full”. This is triggered by completion of Getting Started, so wearing the badge will indicate that a new volunteer has completed the necessary training.  (picture removed)

We agreed that Julie should be informed by Ray (Training) when Getting Started is completed and she will pass a certificate and badge to GSLs in the normal way.

Executive Committees

The meeting was reminded that all Exec members must hold an Exec role on Compass and have a DBS because they are trustees. It was noted that the Group AGM is a good time to get these forms started/completed.

The meeting was reminded that Exec members must also complete induction training, currently Module 1E. After that, there is a further optional training available.


The meeting was reminded that Agendas must cover the purpose of the AGM and provide the necessary reports to:

  1. Group Scout Council
  2. District Executive Committee

Please see “Exec Support” on the website for what is required.

Julie requested that Group AGMs should include an extra Agenda item to elect someone to volunteer to be elected onto the District Exec, where they can represent the Group.

Please can each Group provide Eric (Chair) with the date of their AGM.


The census was completed in a timely manner, thank you and well done to all GSLs!

Nobody present knew the deadline for paying “capitation”, but it is common knowledge that there is a deadline with harsh financial penalties for late payment.


Brian, Kelly and Julie recently held a successful meeting to identify the status of each current applicant and Julie subsequently updated GSLs.

It was noted that the Appointments Advisory Committee is now up and running, with meetings being planned.

Peter J suggested that Leaders should be encouraged to join the AAC because it is helpful to have interviewers with relevant Section experience. Julie suggested that being on the AAC is presently a demanding role, so should ideally be an only/main role that people change to when they stop being Leaders.

Any Other Business

Please advise Julie of your HQ booking procedures.

We discussed the purchase of name badges, prepared books and other literature for GSLs. This has been approved by the District Exec and Julie will order them soon.

Items for the Next Agenda

1. District equipment – please bring a “big kit” list from your Group e.g. trailers that others might use

2. Appointments Review process

3. Waiting lists and adult recruitment

Date of next meeting

Due to availability, we crossed out 1st June which clashed with Suffolk Show and proposed a new earlier date of 18th May