Deben District Scouts

Group Scout Leader Meeting (GSL)


@ the Saxmundham Scout hut, Saxmundham, Suffolk 19:30

Present: Julie Lovett (District Commissioner)

Liam Alderton (1st Saxmundham)

David Taylor (1st Framlingham)

Peter Runnacles (1st Westerfield)

Stuart Ross (1st Grundisburgh)

Keith Gleen (1stRendlesham)

Richard Walling (1st Martlesham)

Steve Burch (1st Leiston)

Marcus Burch (1st Leiston)

Adam Thorpe (1st Woodbridge)

Gareth Cox (1st Kesgrave)

Carol Mincher (District Secretary)

Welcome and apologies

Apologies: None

Minutes of the last GSL meeting

The Minutes of the last GSL are on the District Scout website.

Matters Arising. None

Development activities and needs.

David reported that there are about 15 children on Framlingham waiting list.

Gareth reported that he has about 30 on his waiting list. An email has been sent to parents informing them that Beavers will cease if they cannot find a Beaver leader. He also reported that they will trial 2 Cub groups on the same night. ½ undertaking activities inside, ½ outside, swapping activities over 2 weeks.

Action Peter/Julie

Peter reported that Sam may take over as Beaver Leader role. Peter to send application to Julie to forward to appropriate admin area. Action: Peter

Keith informed that Growth and Development Officer vacancy has been posted on the District Scout website. Action: Liam

Agreed that Leiston Group could take 3-4 Cubs/Scouts from Liam’s waiting list. No Beavers.

Discussed whether local papers could be utilised having a whole advertisement page for leaders/volunteers.

Posters can be ordered from Scout Website for leaders/volunteers – These can be created by Leaders ensuring they are in-line with the Scouting Structure. The District Commissioners poster is on the District website.

Discussed various methods used recently to attract new leaders e.g. Posters/flyers, Vacancy Boards, mention on Radio 2 & Come in Join evening. Parents were given posters to put up where they could e.g. work place.

Marcus discussed ideas re. Getting Parents Involved and Getting Exec programmes. – Getting parents and former Scouts on board and developing their skills slowly. It was suggested that posters should be displayed at Sizewell and other local big businesses.

Adult retention and recruitment

Update on Appointments

Nothing to report

Suffolk Show Outcomes

Steve reported that there was 1 maybe/probable volunteer/leader. Julie suggested that if could not be followed up by the leaders, then Julie will follow up and put them in most appropriate geographical areas.


Julie informed that review dates for individuals are on Compass. Some reviews have been undertaken. On the Scouts website, there is a section containing review form and associated fact sheet. These are 5 yearly reviews. If the review forms are sent to Julie, then Julie will file them. Julie reminded the meeting participants that the purpose of the reviews is to talk to leaders about their needs and not the children’s. Julie reported that she will undertaking reviews for the meeting participants.

Getting Started Woggle

Discussion regards distributing a woggle or certificate. It was decided that Getting Started Woggles would not be distributed automatically. The choice of whether a certificate or/and woggle is distributed will be at the Leader’s discretion. Discussed that when an individual has been appointed provisionally, they are presented with a certificate, after completing the Getting Started training, the individual is entitled to wear a Getting Started Woggle and presented with a certificate.

District Commissioners Report:

Julie reported the following from the District Commissioners Report:

There has been an improvement to Compass, whereby training validations can be confirmed on Compass by Training Advisors without the need for confirmation by a Local Training Manager.

The meeting was grateful for the work of our LTM, AAC, Admins and TAs, who worked hard last term and over the summer break to implement the deadlines outlined in the Feb 17 minutes.

i. Julie has made 20 full appointments since 1st March.

ii. Julie has made a further 19 provisional appointments.

iii. The AAC has received references for a further 11 applicants who started prior to 1st March (and 21 in total).

iv. GSLs and District Admins were currently seeking references relating to a further 6 applicants who started prior to 1st March (and 12 in total).

v. Meanwhile, to help minimise disruption in Sections, Julie has invited 15 established volunteers who lacked appointments to continue this term, provided they had received proven effective Getting Started training.

vi. Following the 1st Aug deadline, 7 established volunteers have failed to apply properly and their roles were changed to Occasional Helper.

vii. Since 1st Aug, 5 provisional appointees had failed to complete training in a timely manner, leading to their roles being closed, as per POR The Appointment Process, 4.5 Provisional Appointments a) to d).

The Meeting noted that during this half term, GSLs would be asked to support a review of the draft Vision for Scouting for the period 2018 to 2023 using a process called “Summit in a Box”.

District Campsite

Steve reported that he is trying to identify local land owners that own land that may be suitable to develop as a District Campsite with a criteria of 2-3 acres of rough land with a tap within a ¼ mile.

Discussion included potential sites – Brightlwell – off Foxhill Road and Peasenhall School. There is no budget to acquire a site but funding could be sought from various resources. Discussed whether the campsite could be booked out to Scout groups from other counties, bringing in fees to aid with the funding. The meeting participants agreed that this may incur maintenance and organising issues. All meeting participants agreed that it would be a good idea to acquire a District Campsite. All agreed that it would be a good idea for Steve to write to Clarke and Simpsons to try and identify appropriate land owners. Julie suggested that she would enquire further regards Peasenhall school. Action: Steve/Julie

Using OSM to manage District Equipment

There is not a District Quartermaster currently. The group discussed regards current storage on campsite, equipment location/storage and booking. It was reported that OSM needs someone to update the list of equipment and it was suggested that there could be a list of equipment on the Scouting District website. Meeting participants were asked to find out what specialised/borrowing equipment available currently and where this is located so that Leaders will know who to contact to borrow equipment. Action: Meeting participants

Group AGM outcomes

It was reported that Rendlesham has not held an AGM yet.

OSM for groups

Discussed how OSM is used within groups. Many of the meeting participants already use OSM. There are different levels with associated costs. Different groups use different levels ranging from bronze to gold. It was agreed that the District Commissioner does not propose OSM to be bought from District funds and this will not be reviewed for some time. Action: Julie

Any Other Business

Enquiry as to whether the Discount check back this year- it used to be sent directly back to the Leaders, but none of the meeting participants had received one this year.

Keith informed the meeting about a re-manufactured paint leaflet with free paint available.

Renewal of safety/Safeguarding – Group Training or online training. Julie will organise a meeting to discuss this further.

Discussion about Explorer BBQ – Suggestion made to organise Phoenix Camp.

Link Camp being organised for 6th-8th October 2017.

It was reported that there had not been an ADC visit to Leiston for a while. It was agreed that feedback/review of this role would be beneficial. Action: Julie

Suggestion of having a Leader’s party on 20th January 2018 was made. It was suggested that there would be about 50+ Leaders. Discussion regards suggestions, interest and ideas ensued. It was agreed that suggestions were required from individual groups.

Action: Julie/ Meeting participants

Julie will send emails to Leaders in the near future asking for information needed for census. Action: Julie/ Meeting participants

Date of Next Meeting

7th February 2018