Deben District Scouts


(at 9th March 2018)

Start holding proper GSL meetings Ensure appropriate agendas for meetings DC The first successful meeting being held Achieved
Increase the number of adults available Clear backlog of 48 adults who need DBS GSLs Other than very new recruits, all members have a current DBS Achieved
Ensure awards are presented in a timely manner Delegate the task of presenting awards DC Awards being presented at appropriate times Achieved
Send awards by post where acceptable DC
Start using the formal role review system properly Create review dates on Compass DC Formal reviews taking place as appropriate Achieved
Follow the review process Assistant Appointments Secretary Still looking (see Exec Plan).
Hold reviews Line managers This is gradually starting to happen (the Ass, Appointments Sec should support this) 
Normally wear uniform to adult meetings. Start wearing uniform to meetings All It being normal to turn up to meetings wearing uniform Achieved