Deben District Scouts

  1. Use the planning matrix
  2. Discuss your idea with others
  3. Use the proposal form
  4. On the proposal form it asks for a timeline with milestones. An easy method would be to create Agendas for meetings, including a site visit, saying
    1. When and where you expect the planning meeting will take place
    2. What decisions will be taken at the meeting
    3. What actions will need to be delegated by the meeting
    4. When those actions will need to be completed by (this is usually the next meeting)
  5. Agree with your DC at which points you are going to check in with them, and possibly the District Chair, in order to gain their approval to continue
  6. Gain DC approval to start planning
  7. Hold the meetings that you identified in your proposal
  8. Send minutes of your meetings to the DC and District Chair
  9. When you check in with your DC, and possibly District Chair, be prepared to show them your planning so far
  10. Realise a detailed plan for delivering a successful safe event
  11. Hold the event
  12. Have a review meeting