Deben District Scouts

Actions from FS120341 

  1. Arrange the meeting to take place in public place  where others will be present.
  2. Leave your meeting details including venue, time and date, and the name of who you will be meeting with your DC or another appropriate person. Agree to inform them when you have completed the meeting.
  3. Agree a plan in case circumstances change including who and how you will let people know.
  4. Ensure there is an appropriate means of communication.  If taking a mobile phone, check it is fully charged and (for pay-as-you-go), has sufficient credit and is switched on.
  5. You must leave immediately or not enter any situations or premises if you feel unsafe.
  6. Report any concerns, lone working incidents or near misses to the DC.
  7. Consider whether there are particular risks relating to that location e.g. an unusually isolated location, adverse weather conditions for driving.
  8. Ensure your emergency details are up to date on Compass. 
  9. Carry emergency contact details in case of illness or accident.
Hazard Risk Person at risk Control Measures Actions
Meeting members of the public or someone unfamiliar Personal safety may be compromised Scouter Follow FS120341  See above
Meeting in an unfamiliar place Personal safety may be compromised Scouter Follow FS120341  See above
Poor hygiene Higher Risk of Covid-19 infection spread All Do not share pens or other equipment
Both parties bring a pen
Inadequate hand cleaning Higher Risk of Covid-19 infection spread All Clean your hands before and after handling the paper form and identity documents Both parties bring hand cleanser
Lack of social distancing Higher Risk of Covid-19 infection spread All Both parties to wear masks if at all possible
Parties to go no closer than 2m distance.  
To pass paper forms and identity documents between parties, the first person is to put them down and step away before the other person picks them up.
Both parties bring masks

Identity theft Personal safety may be compromised Applicant Ensure the meeting takes place in a venue where ID documents are considered unlikely to get stolen, lost or otherwise come to harm during a socially distanced handover. Agree an appropriate venue