Deben District Scouts

The Permit Holder to send this email well in advance

  1. Describe when and where the camp is, and what type of camp  it is e.g. greenfield
  2. Give an estimate of how many children you plan to take from which Section(s) Group(s) Unit(s) 
  3. If you are issuing a passport, say so
  4. Give names and membership numbers* for all adults who plan to attend.  In the event they don’t know their membership no,  then give details of what role they hold and their Group/Section etc, so their records can be found on Compass
  5. List any special activities together with which permit holder(s) will lead them, or if you are using an outside provider, give their name and contact details
  6. Say if this camp is part of a larger camping event that involves more than one Nights Away Permit Holder. Include who is in charge of coordinating shared arrangements and give their contact details for the duration.  In the case of a national camp, give the name of the event and whatever information the organisers have advised.
  7. Give the plan details of how the DC can make contact with the camp for the duration
  8. Confirm you have already notified the children’s GSL and/or DESC
  9. For District camps and night-hikes, refer to running district events

The DC will endeavour to reply in a timely manner to be helpful to your preparations

* their own GSL or DESA can find their membership number on Compass