Deben District Scouts

    Communication from Permit Holder to DC requesting approval for a nights away activity

    Your name

    Your membership number

    Your email

    Your tel number for the duration of the activity

    Start date of the activity

    End date of activity

    What type of activity is it?
    SectionJointLarge eventPart of an expedition or tour

    Young members' section

    Give estimated numbers

    Do you have prior agreement of the young members' Section Leader(s)?

    Will there be any Network participants?

    Are you issuing a Nights Away Passport?

    What catagory of camp is it?
    IndoorsCampsiteGreenfieldLightweight Expedition

    Campsite or venue address


    Map coordinates if appropriate



    Landowner or venue manager

    Landowner or venue manager's email

    Landowner or venue manager's tel number

    Names, roles & membership numbers of all other adults attending your camp (18 and over)

    Adult attendee 1

    Adult attendee 2

    Adult attendee 3

    Adult attendee 4

    Adult attendee 5

    Will there be any Adventurous Activities?

    What adventurous activities will there be?

    Permit Holder 1

    Permit Holder 2

    Permit Holder 3

    Permit Holder 4

    If relevant, who is the activity provider?

    Activity provider's email

    Activity provider's tel number

    I understand this camp can only go ahead if I receive approval from the DC