Deben District Scouts

Actions to take if you discover anything about your role or training is non-compliant:

  1. Inform your GSL if you have one, otherwise your DC.
  2. Make arrangements for your absence.  This may involve informing parents that meetings are cancelled or working with other members of the leadership team to ensure adequate supervision.
  3. Make arrangements to complete any outstanding training, most can be done online at
  4. Prepare a portfolio of evidence and contact a Training Adviser to arrange a meeting to validate your training.  Validation criteria are listed in the “Adults Personal File” for your role type.  Your GSL or DC can help you find a Training Adviser.
  5. In the case of GDPR and 1st Aid, then validation is to show your certificate to a Training Adviser.
  6. To assist compliance, District closes roles where problems are noticed.  In this case you will receive either an email or letter informing you of the role closure. You may continue with any other role you may hold, provided it is compliant with the requirements for that role.
  7. However to ensure compliance, County has advised Districts to follow the formal Suspension process where problems are noticed. In this case you will receive a letter informing you that you must not be involved in ANY WAY until further written notice.