Deben District Scouts

Before you (re)apply for a Permit

Basic requirements that you should make sure are in place before you attend any permit training/assessment course:

Under 18s
  1. For all permits, your usual Leader must agree that you are personally suitable before you can hold a permit
  2. In addition, for Leadership and Supervisory permits, your leader will want to make sure you have been provided with Young Leader Module A
  3. Your permit will be a small card that you must look after
  1. Scout funded training is only open to those with a relevant “full” role, such as Leader, Section Assistant and Skills Instructor.  
  2. Your GSL or DESC must consider you have the right attitude and are personally suitable to run this particular activity for young people.
  3. Ensure you are up to date with your trainig
  4. Your permit will be on Compass

(Please refer to the bottom of the page to find out what levels of permits exist.)

Training Grants

Wherever you apply for grants, please note it is normal practice for bodies not to accept retrospective applications.

Accessing Training

To see when permit courses are available see or visit the Suffolk Scouts website.

How to apply for Activity Permits

The page you need is at click here.   The process is very similar to Nights Away below.  If you need to talk to someone about how to apply, then contact your GSL or DESC.


Please discuss your proposal with the Archery Team SAS in the first instance.

Air rifles

Shooting isn’t part of the permit scheme, see the HQ Website for rules on shooting

How to apply for a Nights Away Permit

The assessment is quite complicated in that it has 4 parts and the first 1 part is done across 3 meetings that take place before, during and after camp, and the second part might be done at the same meetings as the first part, although some assessors may prefer a separate 4th meeting.  

The first step is to fill in a Nights Away Application Form and send it to a Nights Away Assessor. 

The application form is at click here  and your line manager can help you find an Assessor.  The Assessor will then contact you to arrange your assessments relating to the skills and rules of the Nights Away scheme.   

Please note you must complete your assessment within Scout Association rules and guidelines, including POR 9.56  which identifies that you cannot lead a camp if you don’t already hold a permit.  It is important to retain clarity that the Permit Holder is taking responsibility for specific children on camp; those children need to know who their permit holder is and where and how to find them

If all 4 assessments are completed satisfactorily, the DC will sign your permit on Compass and send you a small card in the post.  

More information

Headquarters leaflet

List of available permits

What Permits allow you to do

There are three levels of permit available; personal, leadership, supervisory:

Permit Age Restrictions Allows Doesn’t Allow Useful For
Personal Maximum age 17, no minimum age. Taking part in the activity with others who hold personal permits. Leading the activity for anyone without a permit. Allowing young people to progress in an activity by practising with their peers.
Leadership No maximum or minimum age. Leading the activity for a group of young people while remaining with them. Remotely supervising an activity or working with multiple groups. Introducing and training young people in an activity by working directly with them.
Supervisory No maximum or minimum age. Remotely supervising an activity for multiple groups. Approving groups to take part in the activity without remotely supervising them. Developing young people by giving them opportunities for supervised responsibility.

Further details of how these permits work for each activity can be found in the factsheet for the specific activity.