Deben District Scouts

Deben District Scouts Date June 2019 Edition No 2 (from Winchester Scouts)

Role description Title: Group Skills Instructor

Outline: To manage and lead the delivery of the relevant Adventurous Activity in accordance with Scout Association Policy, Organisation & Rules (POR), and applicable national activity guidelines. In particular, the planning, organisation, safety and delivery of the Adventurous Activity for which you hold the appropriate Scout Association Activity Permit. The Activity will be conducted with the help of other Group Activity Instructors, Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants and Young Leaders as appropriate. Some of the tasks for which the Group Skills Instructor is responsible may be delegated to other adult leaders be they Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants.

Responsible to: the Group Scout Leader

Responsible for: the conduct of the Adventurous Activity for which an Activity Permit is held, as defined in POR Chapter 9, Activities.

Main Contacts: Young people, parents / carers, Assistant Leaders, Section Assistants, other Section Leaders within the Group, Group Scout Leader, Assistant District and County / Area Commissioners (Section and Activities), Explorer Scout Leaders, Explorer Young Leaders, other Group Activity Instructors, the Manager of the Group Active Support Unit, Group Executive Committee members, sponsors of the Group.

Appointment requirements:

First, you must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association’s policies). The minimum membership requirement is as an Associate Member. “Getting Started Essential Information” needs to be completed with your Group Scout Leader (GSL) responsible for induction and validated by a Training Advisor.

Second, the relevant Scout Association Activity Permit must be held before a Skills Instructor can lead the appropriate activity, be this for Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Canoeing & Kayaking, Caving, Climbing Walls, Climbing & Abseiling, Crate Stacking, Dinghy Sailing, Gliding, Hill Walking. Mountain Biking, Offshore Sailing, Rafting, or other SA approved activities.

Acquiring an Adventurous Activity Permit: please see

You may already have a valid National or equivalent Armed Services qualification. This will speed our process. Or it may be that you need to attend some short training or validation course that we can arrange.

Main Tasks

1. Planning & Preparation
Reconnaissance. ‘Time in reconnaissance is never wasted!’  Defining your aim. What are the affecting factors? What are the options open to you? What is the best option? Where? When? How? Why?
Resourcing. Venues, kit, clothing needed, age and experience of young people, instructors, supporting leaders and OH parents etc. Key ratios.
Risk assessments and risk management as planning tools to help ensure the safety of young people and adults alike. What are all the safety measures that need to be put in place? How to mitigate risk.
Communication with young people and adults to set expectations and help ensure a successful activity.
2. Delivery of the Adventurous Activity for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers
Communication with young people and adults. Briefings at the beginning and the end of the activity.
Safety and on-going risk assessment.  Adult communication and supervision. Weather.
Time appreciation.
Dealing with incidents. Accidents & First Aid provision. Shelter. Food & drink. Asking for help.
3. Post-Activity
Debriefing.  Feedback and evaluations by young people and adults – at the time and after the activity.
Review & learning. What went well, not so well? What changes might improve things next time?