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See page Requirement for District events


Planning method

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District camps – things to consider

Finance policy:

District activities are normally funded by attendees and the District Exec’s agreed policy is that all money paid in and out for District events must be put through the District’s books, not a Groups, therefore the District Treasurer will need to be informed of your plans in advance.  

DC’s guidance: 

All District events are to follow best practice because they are used as a benchmark by Leaders 

The Leader In Charge must ensure appropriate plans for supervision, communications, cancellation, evacuation and emergencies, plus ensuring any other actions coming out of the initial risk assessments are covered off.  In particular, all participating groups’ communications procedures must work together and support the overall plan, because good communication is key 

All normal rules apply

Please refer to the following pages:

Everyday Safety 

Scouting Skills

Going Camping 

In the case of District Camps, care must be taken to ensure that every child has a designated Nights Away permit holder responsible for them, and they need to know who that is and how and where to find them