Deben District Scouts

Nature of your service:

To assist in the general running of the Beaver Colony / Cub Pack / Scouts Troop.

Purpose of your service:

To enable the leadership to provide more varied activities for the Beavers / Cubs / Scouts in order to further achieve the aims of the Scout Movement.

Objectives of your service:

  • To assist with the planning of Beaver / Cub / Scout Meetings by bringing innovative ideas and suggestions for integrating Scout activities with current local / national / international events.
  • To help organise and run activities and games at Beaver / Cub / Scout Meetings whilst being sensitive to the individual abilities and personal needs of the Beavers / Cubs / Scouts and the necessity to maintain good standards of safety and discipline.


Please ring your Leader to let them know if you won’t be coming to Beavers / Cubs / Scouts for some reason. We want to help you in your Service, so please feel free to ask us questions and discuss any problems you may have in relation to your Service.