Deben District Scouts

St Georges Day

From the District Commissioner

I encourage those Sections and Groups who can, to meet online to celebrate St Georges Day together however I am aware this is not possible for many. Therefore I would like to invite people to join me in what I will be doing instead. This is a simple alternative event that any member can participate in while alone and offline, and without any requirement to record it in any way, or even tell anyone! 

I am going to say my promise after my evening meal on 26th April. I will wear my uniform and be in my favourite place at home, and this will feel very special to me. I invite you to join me by doing the same.

Our Scout promise is personal to us. It is a promise we make to ourselves about how we will live our lives. By choosing to keep our promise, we have this in common with all other Scouts right across the world! After I have renewed my promise, I am going to spend a little time thinking about what my promise and law mean to me and the way I live my life at this time.

St George

The person who invented Scouts, Lord Baden Powell, said when St George was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon, he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could. That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger, no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. A Scout should be bold and confident, using every power he or she can to try and overcome it. 


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