Deben District Scouts

Meeting details

The meeting took place at 5th Woodbridge Scout Hut on 10th July 2019 starting at 7.30pm

Present:  Julie (DC), Bea (1st Martlesham), Oli (5th Woodbridge) and Terry (5th Woodbridge)

Apologies:  Zarah (1st Grundisburgh),  Jenny (1st Westerfield), Marcus (1st Leiston), Clare (1st Deben Valley) and Mark (1st Kesgrave Fynn)


Julie reported that an enquiry has been received for the ADC Beaver vacancy.

Bea reported that all is going well with 1st Martlesham Colony. 

Oli reported that since the last meeting 5th Woodbridge Colony has focused on becoming more orderly. We saw the circle drawn on the floor for Beavers to see where they should stand during ceremonies at the start and close of meetings and Oli said they recently made their own turkshead woggles in their lodge colours. 

Sharing ideas

Oli gave us a tour of 5th Scout premises, which was very interesting. We discussed a favourite games of Captains Orders, which is the one where the Beavers run aft, starboard etc and stop to scrub the deck, climb the rigging etc, an indoor hunt for constellations on the ceiling, and indoor caving which involves climbing through a warren of cardboard boxes.  And Terry talked about arranging a visit by a radio enthusiast who he knows.

Bea was interested in getting her Colony out on the water and Oli said this might be possible when they next use the reservoir in May-June next year.    Oli was interested in if there are any other masses of water that could be used when the reservoir is not available and Julie agreed to find details for using Ocean Pit in Weybread, Harleston, and Thorpeness Mere, Aldringham, as we know Scouts sometimes use those.

Bea expressed an interest in leading the Archery Team once she has gained her permit and we discussed that Stu at 1st Grundisburgh is Quartermaster for our District’s Archery equipment, which is available for all Groups to use as long as they can find someone with a permit to lead it.

Future meetings

We discussed how to encourage more Leaders to attend these workshop meetings, as those who do attend find the exchange of ideas inspiring.  We felt it might help Leaders focus on this aspect if we invite each Colony to bring one favourite activity to share.  We didn’t choose a date for the next meeting, since it should be a date to suit the new ADC Beavers if we have one.


We felt it would be good to improve communications among Colony Leaders in general and Julie said there would be a new updated District Directory coming out before the start of next term, as there were a few changes of role going on this term.

We discussed the idea of having an area of the District website specifically for Beaver Leaders to share activity ideas by video.  At present the website aims solely to support Leaders and this idea would require the addition of a password protected members’ area(s).  Julie took an action to look at this.

We also discussed how Suffolk Scouts can provide us with Office 365 free of charge so that is one idea. Terry said he is familiar with Office 365 and would be able to assist individuals new to using it if we did go down this route.

We also briefly mentioned ClassDojo which some parents might be familiar with schools using.