Deben District Scouts

An adult in Scouting cannot be alone in a vehicle with any young person who they are not the parent of.

 However any adult involved in Scouting can transport their own child to a meeting or to a Scout camp. An adult involved in Scouting can also collect a friend or another Scout on the way to a meeting/camp and drop them off on the way home, as long as they won’t be alone in the vehicle at any time with the young person who isn’t their child.

 If an adult leader needs to transport a group of young people (i.e. more than one) to a Scouting event in their own vehicle, this is also acceptable, as long their insurance allows for this. But in these circumstances, they must ensure that they are not alone in the vehicle with any one of the young people. Therefore make sure they pick up the group together and drop them off together.

Advice received from HQ via the CC in June 2019