Deben District Scouts

Types of Young Leader

  1. A member of the Scout Association who is in a Young Leader Unit
  2. A member of another organisation doing Service towards a specific award, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Young Leader Unit

If you are carrying out the role of a Young Leader you are automatically included in the Young Leader Explorer Unit for the purposes of training and support in your leadership role.

Explorers in the Young Leader Unit are entitled to join in with Explorer activities which are being run by other Units, if you like. For example, you might enjoy going on camps with other Units and it can be good to take a break from service and do some Scouting with people your own age now and again!

Explorer Membership

If you are an Explorer Young Leader, you are encouraged to get involved with other Explorers your own age in the District as well as helping out with the younger sections and get the Explorer Log Book and Explorer Badges Book costing £6 and £4.50 in addition to doing the Young Leader badges.


Young Leaders must be at least 13½ to start helping.

The rules for adults apply starting on your 18th birthday, so when you are nearly 18, it is a good idea to speak to your GSL about your options and to apply for an adult role, see  click here  


You must follow the Orange Card and behave in a grown-up manner, see the Orange Card

All under 18s helping at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts are expected to complete “Module A: Prepare for take off!” This must be done as soon as possible because it includes important information.  You will not have to pay for this.

What do Young Leaders do?

You will be expected to run activities, but there will always be two adults within sight and sound of you when you are supervising younger members – you should never be left to run games or lead hikes without that support (this is different to when you are with your own peer group).

You will be expected to take part in the planning and organising as appropriate for your age and ability. When your Section holds a planning meeting, you will be expected to attend and take part in the planning.


Young Leaders must provide their own uniforms. Other than that, the Group generally foots the bill for you being a Leader in the same way as it does for adults; there should be no fees for just being a Leader.

You may be asked to pay a contribution when you help at specific activities e.g. camps or outings. In this case, you would be expected to pay the same rate as the other Leaders from your Group.

What to wear

We are a uniformed organisation and we ask all our Leaders to dress appropriately.  Explorers should wear the Explorer Scout uniform. For where to sew your badges on, click on this link Explorer Uniform 

Members of other organisations should wear the uniform of that organisation. If your organisation has no uniform, we request that you dress plainly 

External Recognition

Being a Young Leader is good for your CV more information can be found by clicking: Get Ahead- Scouting and employability

When completed fully, our Young Leaders’ scheme is externally recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as a Development Programme, see click here


For an overview of the training scheme, click here.

If you are an Explorer Young Leader, you need the Explorer Young Leader Log Book  and you can buy a paper copy costing £2 from click here

When you reach 18, the training you did as a Young Leader will count towards the adult Leader training scheme, see  FS330094 click here