District Team Announcements

We can now announce the full District team which Gary and Chas have been working hard to get in place to support everyone going forward.

Gary Burden – District Commissioner [email protected]

Richard Chaston – Deputy District Commissioner – People, Program & Training [email protected]

Barrie Hayter – Deputy District Commissioner – Perception (social media, branding) [email protected]

Jayne Vaughan – District Training Manager [email protected]

Helena Mercow – ADC Beavers [email protected]

Hayley Liddell – ADC Cubs [email protected]

Dave Clouter – ADC Scouts [email protected]
Russel McKee – ADC Scouts [email protected]

Chris Brierley – District Explorer Scout Commissioner [email protected]

Feel free to get in contact with any of the team if you need help or just want to introduce yourself. It would be great if section leaders could make contact with the relevant ADC if you have not already. Compass is not the easiest tool to use to find the relevant people.

This email has been sent to all members on compass with a Leader role. If you are no longer in scouting please can you let me know so that we can remove you from the system.

Barrie Hayter
Deputy District Commissioner – Deben