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Virtual Camp

26th to 28th June

#Gimme5 Challenge

Every year Suffolk Community Foundation organise the annual canine event Suffolk Dog Day as a fundraiser in aid of Suffolk young people’s charities, which include Scout Groups, Scout Districts etc. To replace this year’s cancelled Suffolk Dog Day, SCF have launched a new four legged friendly campaign, #Gimme5 (

The #Gimme5 Challenge is really simple idea. It asks people to do a 5K walk with their four–legged friend, make a donation of £5 on the Just Giving page, ( then tag 5 friends on social media to do the same.

This brand new fun idea has been created for all the family – on two legs and four – to enjoy safely as Suffolk slowly moves out of lockdown.


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St Georges Day

From the District Commissioner

I encourage those Sections and Groups who can, to meet online to celebrate St Georges Day together however I am aware this is not possible for many. Therefore I would like to invite people to join me in what I will be doing instead. This is a simple alternative event that any member can participate in while alone and offline, and without any requirement to record it in any way, or even tell anyone! 

I am going to say my promise after my evening meal on 26th April. I will wear my uniform and be in my favourite place at home, and this will feel very special to me. I invite you to join me by doing the same.

Our Scout promise is personal to us. It is a promise we make to ourselves about how we will live our lives. By choosing to keep our promise, we have this in common with all other Scouts right across the world! After I have renewed my promise, I am going to spend a little time thinking about what my promise and law mean to me and the way I live my life at this time.

St George

The person who invented Scouts, Lord Baden Powell, said when St George was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon, he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could. That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger, no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. A Scout should be bold and confident, using every power he or she can to try and overcome it. 


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Cub Scouts

Beaver Scouts

1st Aid Training

Spring & Summer 2020

Due to current high demand, these courses are for those whose continued appointment relies on maintaining an up to date 1st Aid qualification.

Sun 29th March at 1st Bury HQ book with Alan Chilestone

Fri 1st May (Refresher*) at the 32nd Ipswich Scout HQ book with Steve Thorn

Fri 19th June (Refresher*) at the 32nd Ipswich Scout HQ book with Steve Thorn

Sun 29th Nov at the 32nd Ipswich Scout HQ book with Steve Thorn

REFRESHERS* please note you must still hold a current 1st Aid qualification in order to attend a short refresher course.

Meeting venues

Sharing community spaces. Do you have a space you could share with your community? There’s a new tool that matches under-used spaces with people searching for places to meet. People can book and make payments directly on the site. 

Register your space or look for a space online.

Suffolk Walking Festival

Sat 9th May to Sun 31st May 2020

Scouts are invited to create an event for this festival! These need to be in by end Oct

For more information, please contact 

“The Suffolk Walking Festival is one the largest and longest running walking festivals in the country. In 2019 it offered over 120 walks in 3 weeks across Suffolk, with record numbers of participants, national media coverage, radio slots and live TV interviews. It left an incredible 29 million footprints across the county and created economic activity of over £200,000.
The festival is truly pan-Suffolk with walks and events in every part of the county. An ambition of the festival is to engage with people of all ages and all backgrounds. Because of this, the festival is asking the Scouts to become involved in the 2020 walking festival.

The festival is offering the opportunity for scouts to develop Skills for Life by developing and leading walks and events. This could include setting out a geocaching trail for a self-guided walk, developing a walk which is guided by scouts, or being sponsored to walk the annual Challenge Walk, a long-distance, multi-day walk across the county. These are just some ideas that could be considered, but the opportunity is open to any thoughts you may have.

David Falk, the festival director, is happy and keen to meet you to discuss ideas and help guide you through the process of creating and delivering a Suffolk Walking Festival event. But, the timetable is tight. The festival confirms its programme by mid-November, meaning walks have to be submitted and agreed by the end of October.”

Deben’s Success at National Archery Competition!

Deben District Archery Team enjoyed a successful weekend at the National Scout Archery Competition 🎯 
Between them, they achieved 13 medals!

Including a Bronze medal in the Teams Head to Head Finals!

Above are our 5 National Champions, who won …

🏆Under 18 Target Own Equipment
🏆Adult Target
🏆Under 14 Field
🏆Under 18 Target Supplied Equipment
🏆Adult Field