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Dealing with bereavement

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Please join me in welcoming Gary Burden to his new role as my Deputy DC for Covid-19 Risk Assessments. Gary will mainly be working with Groups without a GSL to return to face-to-face Scouting.


Please join me in welcoming Chris Brierely to his new role of District Explorer Commissioner

Eurojam 2020

Suffolk International Moot

Summer 2022

Important Announcement: Suffolk International Moot Postponed To Summer 2022

Suffolk Scouts have been reviewing the rapidly evolving situation regarding the global pandemic over the last six months and we have decided to postpone the Suffolk International Moot 2021 (SIM21) event and instead run the event in the summer of 2022. 

The SIM Planning Team discussed at length the merits of continuing in 2021 or cancelling or postponing. 

We concluded that the current environment is very fluid and the level of uncertainty of where we might be in 2021 is too high. Some of the factors which led us to our decision includes:

·       Some facilities which need hiring in such as portable toilet blocks are still on lease/requisitioned to Government departments 

·       Suppliers of activities are uncertain for their own viability to continue as businesses into 2021 which means it is difficult to contract with providers

·       International travel at this time is [extremely] complex and we needed to be certain that those travelling from abroad would be safe doing so 

·       Rules on social distancing continue to evolve creating uncertainty 

·       A challenging economic climate and recession would make the event unaffordable for some people especially if volunteers or parents had lost their job. 

Ultimately, we needed to ensure that the young people and volunteers attending SIM21 were safe and we concluded that we could not ensure this for 2021. Subsequently, The Scout Association has announced guidance for readiness for a return to face to face Scouting based on the Government’s National Youth Agency guidance and states of readiness. For us to run the event we would need that state of readiness to be at Green and for it to have been at Green for a comfortable period although, of course accepting it could go to Amber or Red at any time. 

Green status means no new cases in England or a vaccine is readily available. Again, there is a high level of uncertainty that this would be the case in the Summer of 2021. We therefore needed to ensure that the event did not lose money because of a cancellation ahead of the event next year. 

After careful consideration we agreed that there is a demand from young people and volunteers to have an event to look forward to, so, rather than waiting until 2025 we have taken the opportunity to postpone until 2022. We will be looking to run the full event that we had previously planned and at the same venue Trinity Park, Ipswich Suffolk. 

Payments made so far will be refunded in full and our booking system with EMS will be updated for a 2022 event. 

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Get In Touch page on our website.

Mark Pearson                                                           Keith Barber 

County Commissioner                                               Deputy County Commissioner

                                                                                 SIM21 Planning Team Chair 

#Gimme5 Challenge

Every year Suffolk Community Foundation organise the annual canine event Suffolk Dog Day as a fundraiser in aid of Suffolk young people’s charities, which include Scout Groups, Scout Districts etc. To replace this year’s cancelled Suffolk Dog Day, SCF have launched a new four legged friendly campaign, #Gimme5 (

The #Gimme5 Challenge is really simple idea. It asks people to do a 5K walk with their four–legged friend, make a donation of £5 on the Just Giving page, ( then tag 5 friends on social media to do the same.

This brand new fun idea has been created for all the family – on two legs and four – to enjoy safely as Suffolk slowly moves out of lockdown.

(COVID-19) Ideas

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Meeting venues

Sharing community spaces. Do you have a space you could share with your community? There’s a new tool that matches under-used spaces with people searching for places to meet. People can book and make payments directly on the site. 

Register your space or look for a space online.

Deben’s Success at National Archery Competition!

Deben District Archery Team enjoyed a successful weekend at the National Scout Archery Competition 🎯 
Between them, they achieved 13 medals!

Including a Bronze medal in the Teams Head to Head Finals!

Above are our 5 National Champions, who won …

🏆Under 18 Target Own Equipment
🏆Adult Target
🏆Under 14 Field
🏆Under 18 Target Supplied Equipment
🏆Adult Field